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A goddam prince.


knights πŸ“Ί 40 days ago

Time to go back to film school

knights β˜€οΈ 91 days ago

I haven’t put on sunscreen in ages

knights 🎢 105 days ago

The Lucksmiths!

knights πŸ‚ 127 days ago

I need to go to the ocean and see the waves.

knights πŸŒ™ 127 days ago

Other lives are possible.

knights 🌈 127 days ago

It's okay to be boring and to have an uneventful life.

knights 🎬 136 days ago

Running out of options.

knights βœ… 144 days ago

Credit score? I don't know her. I only care about my torrent seeding ratio.

knights πŸ₯ƒ 145 days ago

I am good at pretending.

knights πŸ”₯ 157 days ago

I want it all

knights πŸ’Ύ 159 days ago

Save me from what I want

knights πŸ’€ 164 days ago

Not enough dopamine hits.

knights πŸŒ™ 172 days ago

I need to end this

knights πŸ”₯ 186 days ago

Help I’m (still) alive

knights 🌈 207 days ago

Someday together we'll しね

knights πŸ’€ 211 days ago

I'm just killing time.

knights πŸ€– 212 days ago

I know you are but what am I

knights 🎷 220 days ago

The only thing I owe to is to myself and yet, and yet,

knights 🎁 220 days ago

My body is a house and it is slowly falling apart

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