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A goddam prince.


knights šŸ’¤ 3 days ago

Not enough dopamine hits.

knights šŸŒ™ 12 days ago

I need to end this

knights šŸ”„ 25 days ago

Help Iā€™m (still) alive

knights šŸŒˆ 46 days ago

Someday together we'll 恗恭

knights šŸ’€ 51 days ago

I'm just killing time.

knights šŸ¤– 51 days ago

I know you are but what am I

knights šŸŽ· 59 days ago

The only thing I owe to is to myself and yet, and yet,

knights šŸŽ 59 days ago

My body is a house and it is slowly falling apart

knights šŸ 64 days ago

I don't want to be here

knights šŸ”„ 66 days ago

It's up to me

knights šŸŽ² 73 days ago

Trigger happy

knights šŸ’€ 73 days ago

Heavy, heavy, heavy, like the earth's gravitational pull

knights ā˜€ļø 73 days ago

Existentialist hazard ~ sunny nihilist

knights šŸŒ± 73 days ago

Hanging by a thread

knights šŸ„ƒ 82 days ago

The past keeps haunting me and I'm surrounded by ghosts

knights šŸ’¾ 89 days ago

Everywhere and nowhere

knights šŸ’€ 114 days ago

Harold ā†’ Maude

knights šŸ™ƒ 123 days ago

Bro, why does everything have to be a podcast

knights ā˜€ļø 129 days ago

For now, live.

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