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Jack of no trades, Mx of kalokohan. Always stressed, very online. Media Art + Software.

Lady, if a man tries to bother you, you can think 💙, count 2️⃣, and look for a 👠.


knights ⛳️ 3 hours ago

You take your shot and then you get ready for your next one

knights 🤖 1 day ago

Two more applications down. One rejection. All is good.

knights 🙃 3 days ago

Made it to the deadline?!

knights 🌙 4 days ago

Back to back proposal writing 😛 I'm not complaining, though!

knights 🌈 7 days ago

I just want to think about the open web 😤

knights 🐶 8 days ago

I take myself too seriously... NONE OF THIS MATTERS

knights 🌧️ 9 days ago

Trauma lives in your body

knights 🌈 10 days ago

MONOPOLYO webzine version 1.0 is now ready for release! 🥳

knights 💡 10 days ago

Starting to feel that SAD...

knights 🙃 12 days ago

Therapy is great and useful and all pero ang sakit pa rin sa bulsa 🥲

knights ☕️ 12 days ago

When you forget about that hot pot of coffee and hours later it just becomes cold brew...

knights 💔 12 days ago

My eyes hurt from crying

knights 😴 12 days ago

Out of bandwidth for today

knights 🎱 13 days ago

Hoping doesn't mean getting what you want; it means that something is worth it.

knights 💀 13 days ago

I don't want to think

knights 🍱 17 days ago

I don't have time to be jealous of other people, there is only do

knights 😴 17 days ago

Submitted my proposal, will turn self off now

knights ⛵ 18 days ago

Bwelo muna

knights 🛼 20 days ago

I'm just getting started

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