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Jack of no trades, Mx of kalokohan. Always stressed, very online.

Lady, if a man tries to bother you, you can think šŸ’™, count 2ļøāƒ£, and look for a šŸ‘ .


knights šŸ’€ 52 days ago

Leave ego at door

knights šŸ˜± 56 days ago

Holy shit Leah Dou is Faye Wong's daughter?!

knights šŸ„ƒ 56 days ago

Feeling more and more detached from living

knights ā˜•ļø 57 days ago

Perhaps I am not meant for any of this

knights āœˆļø 58 days ago

Yesterday my nephew said he didn't want to be anywhere, and I feel that so much.

knights šŸŽ¤ 58 days ago

Everything sounds like noise right now

knights šŸ’” 58 days ago

@lime360 Condolences. Love to you and your family.

knights āœØ 60 days ago

Always in need of a good cry

knights šŸŽ² 60 days ago

Not good enough

knights šŸ’€ 61 days ago

My ADHD brain needs to calm the eff down щ(ą²„Š”ą²„щ)

knights šŸ¶ 64 days ago

Iā€™m trying but is it enough

knights šŸ„— 64 days ago

Another day, another rejection

knights šŸ¤– 65 days ago

Another rejection, on to the next

knights šŸŽ¶ 66 days ago

Whoa good music day

knights ā›³ļø 70 days ago

You take your shot and then you get ready for your next one

knights šŸ¤– 71 days ago

Two more applications down. One rejection. All is good.

knights šŸ™ƒ 73 days ago

Made it to the deadline?!

knights šŸŒ™ 74 days ago

Back to back proposal writing šŸ˜› I'm not complaining, though!

knights šŸŒˆ 77 days ago

I just want to think about the open web šŸ˜¤

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