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the goober
i use NZST btw
email me if you care (i check it regularly and want a reason to continue to do so)


kiwi_____0_ 😛 9 days ago

Ive been hearing "White-ing frames" (time something is white)instead of "White ink frames" (ink recovery lag)

kiwi_____0_ 🙂 14 days ago

tournament map selection idea: each team picks a map to play (that hasnt been played that set) and a coin is flipped after weapon select

kiwi_____0_ 😎 17 days ago

my net worth plus my profit equals $0.04 NZD (ive spent so much)

kiwi_____0_ 😛 23 days ago

imagine being someone who bought a "ghost running away" pac-man 256 profile background on the 9th october 2023 for $5.55 NZD

kiwi_____0_ 🥳 23 days ago

today is my splatooniumth 7

kiwi_____0_ ☀️ 24 days ago

tomorrow is my splatooniumth 7

kiwi_____0_ 😛 25 days ago

2 days til my splatooniumth 7

kiwi_____0_ 🥰 26 days ago

3 days til my splatooniumth 7

kiwi_____0_ 😛 27 days ago

splatoon based washed-upness

kiwi_____0_ 🧐 28 days ago

when im bored, i engrain my email address into memes i steal as an easter egg no one sees

kiwi_____0_ 💡 29 days ago

salad is more cereal than soup

kiwi_____0_ 😭 30 days ago

i woke up at 6:30 because i had a dream. i slept again and had forgotten the dream when i woke up again at 11:30

kiwi_____0_ 🤔 31 days ago

if you keep chipping away at something, bit by bit, eventually you will have done 5% of the work by the deadline

kiwi_____0_ 😡 31 days ago

to hell with it. ima do it

kiwi_____0_ 🤔 32 days ago

(a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 = c^2 [prove me wrong]

kiwi_____0_ 🥰 32 days ago

tictok being banned in the u.s. has to be the best thing to happen to the entertainment industry since splicing

kiwi_____0_ 💤 33 days ago

Playing Nintendo Switch Sports for four hours is another way to meet god, apparently. Even the game be saying "bro, stop. its 10pm"

kiwi_____0_ 🧐 34 days ago

Too many pain killers become human killers. painless death tho

kiwi_____0_ 🎮 34 days ago

On the 719163rd day, god said "let there be standardization"

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