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kirifuda ❤️ 1 hour ago

what i'm good and bad at is being alone.

kirifuda ❤️ 4 days ago

The Cutest Church in Saint Saëns

kirifuda ❤️ 5 days ago

grab a spade

kirifuda ❤️ 10 days ago

outside the maniacal gaze of humbert, there is no nymphet

kirifuda ❤️ 12 days ago

running the white boys into the shredder

kirifuda ❤️ 22 days ago

"the horrors" and it's just being in love with a transgender individual

kirifuda ❤️ 23 days ago

let's kill this guy with hammers

kirifuda ❤️ 30 days ago


kirifuda ❤️ 32 days ago

Isekai Maid Union

kirifuda ❤️ 37 days ago

is he DEAD? is he a BASTARD?

kirifuda ❤️ 49 days ago

eva tripped down the stairs and died gorily so pmmm could kill itself in front of you so hi3 could run

kirifuda ❤️ 60 days ago

i found peace in drowning

kirifuda ❤️ 61 days ago

his ambition is to be a headless amoeba, with a lot of large, thick endowed boyfriends

kirifuda ❤️ 63 days ago

if you can't push it, pull it. if you can't pull it megidolaon

kirifuda ❤️ 72 days ago

don't jump from there, I'm begging you - let's hold hands and return to the place where we both belong

kirifuda ❤️ 72 days ago

all language is but a poor translation

kirifuda ❤️ 73 days ago


kirifuda ❤️ 74 days ago

he hated being found well and i was a FUCKING email

kirifuda ❤️ 77 days ago

guy who had a one night stand with a crustacean and won't shut up about it

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