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kirifuda ❤️ 114 days ago


kirifuda ❤️ 115 days ago

he hated being found well and i was a FUCKING email

kirifuda ❤️ 118 days ago

guy who had a one night stand with a crustacean and won't shut up about it

kirifuda ❤️ 118 days ago

put the five guys in a room. I need to see them play pictionary

kirifuda ❤️ 135 days ago

oh mein gott this book is full of gayenshitten

kirifuda ❤️ 160 days ago

for shits sake !!! yeah, love you sweetpea, get out of my face please! I am BUSY!

kirifuda ❤️ 165 days ago

"technologically it's rather anemic"

kirifuda ❤️ 168 days ago

"pathetic" is almost the hottest thing a man can be

kirifuda ❤️ 176 days ago

I am THE professional jokester... and funnywoman...

kirifuda ❤️ 184 days ago

california girls we're inconsolable dreams of doom the visions wont stop sunburnt skin skin cancer very probable Ooh oh ooh oh oh ooh

kirifuda ❤️ 184 days ago

magic this you filthy casual

kirifuda ❤️ 185 days ago

i’m da woker baby…. why so queerious…

kirifuda ❤️ 187 days ago

angst so good it's gacha react worthy

kirifuda ❤️ 188 days ago

you're dead serious. i'm alive silly. we're not the same

kirifuda ❤️ 188 days ago

Guys 2014 is in two months

kirifuda ❤️ 189 days ago

SILENCE PLEASE! your highness her grace is :3ing

kirifuda ❤️ 197 days ago

man door hand hook car door

kirifuda ❤️ 197 days ago

heart. lungs. liver. nerves. heart. lungs. liver. nerves. heart. lungs. liver. nerves. heart. lungs. liver. nerves. heart. lungs. liver. ner

kirifuda ❤️ 200 days ago

woooowwww my guy that was so deep adele could have rolled in it. now please leave me alone

kirifuda ❤️ 201 days ago

i wasn't a bad dog I was a scared dog

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