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glad you could make it!


kino πŸ€” 490 days ago

my new laptop smells like fish and chips!

kino πŸ™‚ 495 days ago

thank you for sharing! a great cause. @grim

kino 😯 498 days ago

woashhhhhh danke sounds like thanks

kino 😭 498 days ago

why did i pay for a smartphone case that the seller gouged chunks out with long nails

kino πŸ™‚ 503 days ago

school but if any student fails, the whole class fails

kino 😎 513 days ago

mask tan get

kino ✨ 514 days ago

Art takes so much effort… I wish i could impart the ineffable into a stone and be understood by everyone who touched it.

kino πŸ’€ 521 days ago

feel like a corpse

kino πŸ˜‡ 523 days ago

ppl who say clitoris like uranus

kino πŸ€” 524 days ago


kino 😯 533 days ago

don’t mind being ugly, but don’t want to look anything like the people who hurt me

kino ✏️ 534 days ago

dont uppercut punching bags or youll rip the skin

kino 🍏 535 days ago

I hope nice ppl's cells are healthhy and vibibng!

kino πŸ€– 539 days ago

Reading textbooks at work off a phone feels so sterile

kino 🌈 540 days ago

it’s so troll that water stains

kino 🍏 546 days ago

thinking about fruit by the foot

kino πŸ€– 553 days ago

there are no cute wheelchairs

kino πŸ˜› 555 days ago

can’t dance when my family’s around

kino 😑 555 days ago

listening to music from Studio Ghibli films, and having a bad time!!

kino 😎 557 days ago

crickes my neck waking up

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