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grim! 25 likes bjd,
vintage toys, clothes n things... !

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grim 🌱 9 days ago

if it's not ok, it's not the end

grim ✏️ 25 days ago

how do u draw

grim 🔥 48 days ago

everyones pages on the cafe are so cute! (≧ω≦)

grim ✏️ 55 days ago

doing so much better than i was but still not good enough to be back at it full swing. see you soon... ^_^;

grim ✨ 61 days ago

i sincerely believe seeing benee live will improve my mental health .

grim 🎨 71 days ago

learned how to add patches to furcadia and more about dragonspeak! excited to make some of my own things now that i understand more :o)

grim 🌧️ 79 days ago

taking some time to be slower than usual after stella passed away. i miss my honey girl so much.

grim 😴 97 days ago

super tired lately, zzz

grim 🥰 103 days ago

been reading the life of jack bee garland by louis sullivan lately. :o) i love to be gay and trans.

grim 🌙 118 days ago

maybe trying to hard-reset my sleep schedule again. will try my best to stay upppp today and do some cleaning! Q(*_*Q)

grim ⛵ 118 days ago

*horse standing at the edge of the ocean* man

grim ✏️ 145 days ago

still have to completely re-do the gallery part of my website (so it's unusable right now) but! ^_^ happy with things rn

grim 💾 150 days ago

finally started to work on gemini protocol stuff! ^^ it's so new to me but it's so fun just looking around peoples' capsules

grim ✏️ 161 days ago

wanna change my website to operate with flex boxes but the idea of a whole-site overhaul again is .. zzz... i'll do it tho

grim 📖 165 days ago

going out today & doin a lot better emotionally too. started a private journal again after reading bikobatanari's post about journalling.

grim 🌧️ 176 days ago

slept until 5pm today... recovering for days after any time i leave the house ˃̣̣̥᷄ ᴖ ˂̣̣̥᷅ ‎

grim ✨ 178 days ago

goooood freakin morning people!

grim 🍱 178 days ago

bf made little sliders w/ kings hawaiian rolls, hickory smoked turkey, sharp cheddar and honeycrisp apple slices + mayo! really good!!!

grim ☕ 178 days ago

excited for coffee and breads tomorrow from paul cafe aaahh

grim 🙂 179 days ago

@nightdrift aw thank u!! :3 your profile is poppin severely as well!

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