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grim πŸ™‚ 238 days ago

oh my gosh caitlin doughty comin to the east coast.... death-pos funeral homes and education in my home area PLEASE

grim πŸ₯± 240 days ago

one more day of driving classes! and that's it until the logbook and full license test!

grim 😭 241 days ago

once again i am back to say that i went thru my driving class perfectly fine-in fact, i was really good at parking. Q_Q

grim πŸ₯Ί 241 days ago

going for my second day of behind wheel training .. i got nervous again dude

grim 🌈 242 days ago

had fun driving for the first time again n_n anxiety: gone

grim 😱 242 days ago

first day of six hours behind the wheel training... nervous...

grim 🌈 253 days ago

big walkie today to a local bakery and for my boyfriend's driving classes :o)

grim ✨ 261 days ago

flu shot & third booster done! ✌️

grim 😑 261 days ago

ough i am such a hater

grim πŸ₯³ 266 days ago

mastectomy intake scheduled for mid-november aaah o3o)b

grim πŸ‚ 275 days ago

aw i've been really slow and tired lately... need energy

grim 🍦 288 days ago

almost done with driving classes besides in-car AND name change stuff in the works! :o) as the sun set i walked to get ice cream w/ my boy..

grim ✨ 296 days ago

dekopon magazine is so good!!

grim 😭 302 days ago

i'm so pathetic (watching guinea pig videos to get my fix)

grim 🎲 309 days ago

trying so hard to not want to be someone else!

grim 🍦 316 days ago

had chocolate-dipped soft serve from an ice cream truck todayβ™‘

grim 😭 318 days ago

getting in bed before the ennui sets in is the ideal.

grim πŸ’Ύ 319 days ago

i need to organize my site files and create some new pages! :o) feeling motivated.

grim 🌱 348 days ago

if it's not ok, it's not the end

grim ✏️ 364 days ago

how do u draw

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