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kevg 📖 5 days ago

the more i learn, the less i know what's right, but the more i know what's wrong.

kevg 🎶 15 days ago

atempo=1.5[a]. i have a license to do anything the rest of the day.

kevg 🍺 15 days ago

"He dreaded, with a sinking heart he dreaded." ~ War & Peace, Tolstoy

kevg 😡 27 days ago

potato chips are my nemeses. 🥔⚔

kevg 🧐 29 days ago

i just realized that since jeans stretch, i can get one size smaller and stretch out instead of needing a blet ⑄ (edited)

kevg 🎨 33 days ago

we already think of soap many ideas in the shower, let's add art on shower walls for moar inspiration

kevg 🔥 35 days ago

i ate a raw garlic clove yesterday and i'm worried i'll have garlic breath FOREVER

kevg 🐶 37 days ago

we complain about the cold, but dogs have to go outside naked!

kevg 📚 47 days ago

accumulating aphorisms

kevg 📚 52 days ago

i love going to my bookshelf and taking out an old book and blowing the dust off the top and then purposely finding something.

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