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katyab πŸ™‚ 4 days ago

ne poprobuesh ne uznaesh

katyab πŸ™‚ 7 days ago

everything’s for you anyway

katyab πŸ™‚ 35 days ago

classic 5th day at a new job cry

katyab πŸŒ™ 97 days ago

got a scanner at last πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• feels like i always had it, we were meant to be!! me and a flatbed scanner together side by side through the years

katyab πŸ™‚ 117 days ago

still love him can you believe that

katyab πŸ’€ 118 days ago

time to hang out with some more strangers

katyab πŸ™‚ 153 days ago

i have no idea what to do next :)

katyab ❄️ 155 days ago

yesterday was good and kinda magical, but ig it was the last day of fight or flight and now it’s time to relax and feel all the bad stuff

katyab πŸ• 158 days ago

i changed my mind i don’t wanna move tomorrow

katyab πŸ’€ 162 days ago

first thing i’m making after i move in is syrniki, and after that maybe crepes

katyab πŸŒ™ 164 days ago

feeling better:)

katyab πŸ™‚ 165 days ago

really just scared out of my mind in general

katyab πŸ™‚ 165 days ago

really worried that when i move into a new place i’ll stop being myself

katyab πŸ’» 190 days ago

all i think about is smoked cheese tomato sandwiches

katyab πŸ’€ 202 days ago

good day even though i worked myself into a complete stupor. night night

katyab 🍏 203 days ago

september has been good to me

katyab πŸ™‚ 211 days ago

i’m so sick of the sun when will it fuckin explode

katyab πŸ™‚ 218 days ago

scared as shit

katyab β˜•οΈ 220 days ago

life is crazy

katyab πŸŒ™ 223 days ago

i’m killing it!

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