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katyab πŸ’» 297 days ago

i’m done with the sun!!! go awayπŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰

katyab πŸ₯³ 299 days ago

just 2 days of work left and after that 2 more days of work and then hopefully i’ll have a little bit of time off!

katyab πŸ’» 306 days ago

keep thinking about september 2021, wonderful time

katyab β˜•οΈ 309 days ago

can’t wait for summer to end

katyab πŸ™‚ 315 days ago

i’ve been sick for half a year:)))

katyab 🍦 318 days ago

a day to celebrate!

katyab πŸ™‚ 335 days ago

i’ve been in bed for approx 22 hours

katyab β˜€οΈ 338 days ago

pulled a muscle in my neck by doing absolutely nothing and can no longer move. move your head enjoy it this is not forever

katyab πŸ™‚ 338 days ago

if even one more person looks at me i’m gonna throw up

katyab πŸŒ™ 349 days ago

good day

katyab πŸ™‚ 359 days ago

im the master of emails. i can write an email no problem

katyab 😴 359 days ago

fuck this, i need to go back to drawing

katyab πŸ‘€ 360 days ago

surgery arc. starting tomorrow

katyab β˜€οΈ 362 days ago

yesterday was like 5 separate days

katyab 🌧️ 364 days ago

hanging out with strangers, all day every day

katyab πŸ₯ƒ 371 days ago

spent at least 5 hours on an email. well it's a good email but i... am not the same after this

katyab β˜•οΈ 377 days ago

i miss everything!!

katyab 🍿 377 days ago

i wanna draw again

katyab β˜€οΈ 380 days ago

i've more or less given up

katyab πŸ₯— 384 days ago

update: wasnt a fail. i got played

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