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im kite ^_^


k1te 🌙 43 days ago

very windy night, windowsill bottle with light pink roses in it fell over and shattered. petals everywhere

k1te ❄️ 55 days ago

ladies we made it to heavensward.

k1te 🎤 60 days ago

(gritting my teeth) I Have To Do It Scared

k1te 🎮 63 days ago

playing totk again...its real good they dont tell you this

k1te ✅ 64 days ago

theyre sending my ass to the crystal tower

k1te 🤩 65 days ago

music & a bite to eat is life

k1te 💾 71 days ago

and back to tables we go... (sweeping up dust & broken stuff)

k1te 💤 72 days ago

maybe ill get back to doing fun and challenging activities soon... i think its worth it... hmmm

k1te 💻 72 days ago

changed my mind. its fine

k1te 💻 72 days ago

wanting to change my site layout but that would also mean i have to redo everythinggggg.... thats a job for medicated kite

k1te 💾 76 days ago

i should make a page about my wol but i should also upload pages about all my other characters. and so the site stays quiet....

k1te ⛳️ 82 days ago

final fantasy elf disaster

k1te 💾 127 days ago

finally fixed pages that have been broken for multiple months ^._^

k1te 🌱 128 days ago

aquarium plants get here today.. oug

k1te 🫖 130 days ago

good god when the costco parm bagel hits

k1te 🙂 132 days ago

and the house is tilted and empty.. theres the sound of the wind...

k1te 🫖 137 days ago

kiteday... another year around da sun...

k1te ☀️ 142 days ago

frogs #5 and #6 appeared on my desk. they love lamp more than god

k1te ⛵ 144 days ago

nice out so drove around and walked at the beach ^_^ enrichment

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