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hi im jorts and i hope you have a GRATE DAY!!!!
rabbit button says noodledesk two cats dancing to music


jorts πŸ’€ 215 days ago

that end of summer crunch vibe. not a fan

jorts ✨ 216 days ago

doing some game writing after procrastinating for 4 days. ummmm 😽

jorts πŸ˜‚ 219 days ago

oh man... ive only been on twitter for like one week and already i feel unwell...

jorts ❀️ 220 days ago

think i finally made a breakthrough on a personal essay ... !!!!

jorts ❀️ 222 days ago


jorts 🎢 224 days ago

played some piano in what feels like months - i need to do this more often. i'm on a high

jorts πŸ€– 224 days ago

need the energy to practice good habits ... 🐞😿

jorts 😭 225 days ago

accidentally jabbed myself on my guitar string...this is a sign to get back into practicing

jorts 🐱 228 days ago

am i about to read all of sarah manguso's published work. maybe

jorts 🌱 228 days ago

trying to Write thoughts down even if they are sad .... lol

jorts 🎢 229 days ago

the score by fugees and ms lauryn hill and wyclef jean. im into it

jorts πŸ₯± 230 days ago

not feeling so hot today...

jorts 🀩 232 days ago

i am obsessed with obsidian...

jorts πŸ₯³ 234 days ago

i got notion certified :)

jorts ❀️ 234 days ago

having lots of fun on my computer these days...

jorts πŸ’€ 237 days ago

am i... starting to like techno music. what's happening

jorts πŸ₯° 238 days ago

started focusing my journal on things that i've created and things that i'm grateful for ... i feel really hopeful about it

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