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YAHOOO!!!! rabbit button says noodledesk two cats dancing to music


jorts 🤩 1 day ago

i am obsessed with obsidian...

jorts 🥳 2 days ago

i got notion certified :)

jorts ❤️ 3 days ago

having lots of fun on my computer these days...

jorts 💀 5 days ago

am i... starting to like techno music. what's happening

jorts 🥰 6 days ago

started focusing my journal on things that i've created and things that i'm grateful for ... i feel really hopeful about it

jorts ✨ 9 days ago

i think dungeon meshi is soooo cute...

jorts 🌱 11 days ago

computers are wild man. i dont know what i am doing

jorts 🥰 13 days ago

i love poetry so much...class is so much better when you're not getting graded for something

jorts ✏️ 14 days ago

making some language flashcards... :)

jorts 🥰 15 days ago has helped me SOOO much with making a website <3

jorts 😭 16 days ago

ohhh man...feeling overwhelmed by html!!!

jorts 🎶 16 days ago

listening to such a good playlist :)