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hi im jorts and i hope you have a GRATE DAY!!!!
rabbit button says noodledesk two cats dancing to music


jorts 😭 106 days ago

omg i have to remember to GET OUT once in a while.... need to remember the soft animal of my BODY

jorts 🍦 110 days ago

i just think blueberry flavoured things are really good ... :)

jorts 🍱 122 days ago

poke + chicken waffle !!!!

jorts 🌱 125 days ago

its about gardening... alwayzzz

jorts 🀐 128 days ago

getting used to this adulting thing

jorts πŸ‘½ 136 days ago

i love the weekend and the day we finally implement 4 day workweeks i will celly sooooo hard . omg

jorts 😭 139 days ago

work life balance

jorts 🎢 142 days ago

summer dream by bonny light horseman + chopin opus 10 no 3. trust me

jorts 😴 144 days ago


jorts πŸ€– 153 days ago

FINALLY learned how to use dendron ... also i love audiobooks. im late to the party

jorts ✏️ 156 days ago

i love highlighting things on the web and squirrelling them away into a notebook for later .. . digital hoarder

jorts πŸ“– 158 days ago

waiting patiently for a storygraph api...

jorts 😱 162 days ago

one week before i start full time work ...

jorts πŸ₯° 163 days ago

i love u bbq, i love u fullness, i love u walking in a park with your friends, i love u skip and loafer, i love u hopefulness

jorts πŸ™ƒ 166 days ago

feelin BAD...

jorts ✏️ 166 days ago

WRITING ....!!!

jorts πŸ’€ 167 days ago

that end of summer crunch vibe. not a fan

jorts ✨ 168 days ago

doing some game writing after procrastinating for 4 days. ummmm 😽

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