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jessica 💀 266 days ago

Brain feels like it has exploded, too much work for it to cope with

jessica 🌧️ 268 days ago

Not feeling mentally great

jessica 🌧️ 282 days ago

In a bit of a low mood recently

jessica 🥱 288 days ago

Woke up feeling incredibly exhausted.

jessica 😱 313 days ago

Had a nightmare and my reaction to the horrible events within my dream was to have an autistic meltdown, which felt so real. Feel exhausted.

jessica 💻 329 days ago

Attempting to create a light mode for the website rebuild...

jessica 💻 330 days ago

Factory resetting the Mac! So much faster now!

jessica 📺 332 days ago

Rooting for the Lionesses!!

jessica 🙃 332 days ago

Feeling like I'm getting burned out on socialising...

jessica 🐱 333 days ago

Cuddling my cat!

jessica 🙂 334 days ago

Had fun coding today!

jessica 🌧️ 336 days ago

Woke up feeling sad.

jessica 🎶 337 days ago

Really like the two singles Olivia Rodrigo has put out so far for her next album!

jessica 🥱 338 days ago

Trying to stay awake...

jessica 🥱 339 days ago

Awoke exhausted.

jessica 🙃 339 days ago

Stress levels through the roof right now...

jessica 🙃 341 days ago

Gosh, it's been a highly emotional few days, would like things to calm down soon, please and thank you.

jessica ☕️ 342 days ago

Not much better than drinking my favourite hot beverage at the end of the day.

jessica 🌈 343 days ago

Feeling better this morning.

jessica 🌧️ 344 days ago

Had a nightmare...

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