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jessica 👀 254 days ago

Website rebuild nearly finished...

jessica 🥱 254 days ago

Watching the football earlier and dealing with tech issues has me zonked out

jessica 📺 256 days ago

Looking forward to watching MotoGP and LUFC's first match of the season later!

jessica 🌈 257 days ago

Burned myself out yesterday over a bunch of stuff, so going to try and make today more relaxing.

jessica 💻 257 days ago

Too much coding... Brain fried...

jessica 😡 257 days ago

Loud chainsaw outside my window.

jessica ✨ 258 days ago

Feeling a bit sensitive and emotional today.

jessica 💻 258 days ago

The NAS crashed, rebuilding the storage pool now, fingers crossed for no data loss!

jessica ✅ 259 days ago

Off grocery shopping!

jessica 🐱 259 days ago

Trapped under cat cuddles!

jessica 🤒 259 days ago

My eczema is flaring up, hoping antihistamines will help tackle the itchiness!

jessica 🌧️ 259 days ago

Feeling a little crappy. Haven't got any energy due to bad night's sleep. Had to stop what I was doing as I couldn't focus, too tired.

jessica 🥱 260 days ago

Didn't sleep well last night, feel knackered...

jessica 💤 260 days ago

Off to sleep at a decent time!

jessica 📺 260 days ago

Really enjoyed that CHNvENG football match!!

jessica 🌮 261 days ago

Cooking dinner, making burritos!!

jessica 😱 262 days ago

Had a nightmare.

jessica 🙃 262 days ago

Great, feeling anxious before sleep...

jessica 🤒 262 days ago

Have a stomach ache...

jessica 🐱 263 days ago

Spending a lovely morning in bed coding, cuddling my cat, and watching the Women's World Cup 💜

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