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jasm1nii 🙂 45 days ago

i have been made aware that my site doesn't load on some webkit browsers... sorry abt that! dn when i'll fix tho!

jasm1nii ❤️ 65 days ago

hwasa is so cool...

jasm1nii 💡 70 days ago

i want to learn everything...!!!

jasm1nii 🎶 76 days ago

there needs to be an option to remove all live albums when shuffling an artist on spotify

jasm1nii ❤️ 80 days ago

honey lemon seasoning tastes sooo good!!!!!

jasm1nii 💔 82 days ago

my laptop couldn't be saved 😔 gonna have to stick with a backup lower-end machine for now

jasm1nii 💻 86 days ago

not sure on when i'll get back to working on my personal site! focusing on polishing my portfolio and resume for job apps for now

jasm1nii 💔 87 days ago

no top taskbar option in windows 11?? it's SO over

jasm1nii 🧐 90 days ago

gotta be more diligent with eye exercises...

jasm1nii 🥳 92 days ago


jasm1nii 🥺 101 days ago

jaefriends season 2 i'm begging

jasm1nii 🥹 102 days ago

*sobs* kim jaejoong!!!!

jasm1nii 🙃 103 days ago

tfw your country has no early earthquake warning system despite literally existing on a major fault line (the sensors keep getting stolen)

jasm1nii 🥺 104 days ago

thinking of louis wain

jasm1nii 🎶 105 days ago

shinee and tvxq are really something else... love me a good vocal powerhouse

jasm1nii 😱 106 days ago

ough... in-ear headphones feel so uncomfy when you haven't used them in a while...

jasm1nii ✅ 107 days ago

tomorrow i WILL clean my room ☝☝☝

jasm1nii 🎶 121 days ago

i need samsa to make a comeback. you can't just drop bangers for a year straight then drop off the face of the earth for 6 years

jasm1nii 🌧️ 130 days ago

low on bandwidth

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