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jasm1nii 🔥 18 hours ago

tfw your site finally loads fast enough and doesn't need a preloader anymore!! self-host ur scripts, friends

jasm1nii 😶 3 days ago

constantly fighting the urge to fiddle instead of finishing the darn thing

jasm1nii 🔥 5 days ago

i looove listening to imani barbarin speak

jasm1nii 🎶 6 days ago

how is "bad apple" still so good 16 (?!) years later

jasm1nii 🧐 7 days ago

okay maybe PHP is worth learning after all

jasm1nii 🐱 7 days ago

i love cats that are 50% tail

jasm1nii 🤖 8 days ago

(abruptly awakens from a deep slumber) my code needs refactoring

jasm1nii 💀 10 days ago

please limit your RSS/atom entries to 20 max or less, spare my thunderbird inbox from exploding

jasm1nii 😭 10 days ago


jasm1nii 🙂 11 days ago

i don't use them, but i think DNI lists are fine. if you're not someone's target audience, simply carry on.

jasm1nii 🤔 13 days ago

wondering if i'll ever be able to read through my bookmarks backlog...

jasm1nii 🌱 16 days ago

kindness is always cool

jasm1nii 💀 16 days ago

my brain is on the verge of radiating literal heat

jasm1nii 🌙 17 days ago

sleepy fish's songs are the only sounds i can tolerate during times of high anxiety

jasm1nii 🌧️ 19 days ago

brain is soup

jasm1nii 😡 20 days ago

not a fan of sites that make it really hard to change my account email

jasm1nii 🤒 21 days ago

hot girls have funky somatic issues

jasm1nii 🤔 23 days ago

had a dream about cillian murphy but i don't remember what he was doing

jasm1nii 🌙 25 days ago

i think my headache is finally improving (;_;)

jasm1nii 😱 27 days ago

the size of all of my undergrad files is over 80 GB

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