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jasm1nii 🎶 162 days ago

i need samsa to make a comeback. you can't just drop bangers for a year straight then drop off the face of the earth for 6 years

jasm1nii 🌧️ 171 days ago

low on bandwidth

jasm1nii 🤔 174 days ago

i need a third monitor

jasm1nii 🌧️ 183 days ago

can't do anything with these sinus pains

jasm1nii 😭 188 days ago

i gotta move off the adobe ecosystem once i'm done with this project

jasm1nii 🙃 196 days ago

if your site doesn't work with adblock enabled, it's a bad site

jasm1nii 😭 199 days ago

it's never cold enough here

jasm1nii 🐱 211 days ago

i've never met anyone as indecisive as my cat (he meows every 5 minutes to go in and out of the room)

jasm1nii 😭 216 days ago

web dev really is just fixing one thing and breaking another

jasm1nii 😇 220 days ago

apologies if anyone got double pings for my site's atom feeds, trying out a generator script i wrote!

jasm1nii 🙃 220 days ago

ok nvm, i was totally overcomplicating my script, PHP is easier than i made it out to be

jasm1nii 💀 221 days ago

ngl PHP is actually harder to wrap my head around than javascript

jasm1nii 💤 223 days ago

would love to have a weighted blanket...

jasm1nii 👀 224 days ago

i've truly underestimated the power of SCSS

jasm1nii ❤️ 228 days ago

the gyaru mindset is so inspiring

jasm1nii 😭 231 days ago

you ever learn something new about coding and think "why did i even do it the old way in the first place?!"

jasm1nii 🌙 232 days ago

i used to be more resilient...

jasm1nii 🙃 234 days ago

congrats to neocities for making it to my government's blocklist. what is going on?

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