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enjoyer of websites


jack 🍱 1 hour ago

panko coated tofu slaps

jack 🐱 17 days ago

i wish i wasn't allergic to cats

jack 🥰 21 days ago

friday before a long weekend!

jack 🌱 25 days ago

my plant has not died (yet)!

jack 🙃 27 days ago

almost done a draining project i should have said no to...

jack 🙂 28 days ago

banana n black tea scone

jack 🛹 32 days ago


jack 😴 38 days ago


jack 🎮 40 days ago

playing the paperclip idle game

jack ❄️ 45 days ago

very cold august day

jack 🌱 52 days ago

trying not to kill a string of turtles plant i have been gifted

jack 🍶 63 days ago

staying hydrated

jack 😎 134 days ago

website wednesday

jack ✨ 189 days ago


jack 🥰 207 days ago

planning a text-based thing jam

jack 🫖 290 days ago

extra large tea, two milk, two sugar

jack 😴 291 days ago

no memory of my two morning alarms

jack ❄️ 291 days ago

preparing to balance the work week with advent of code

jack 🙃 293 days ago

staying up too late, to do advent of code

jack 🌱 296 days ago

doing geospatial things

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