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enjoyer of websites


jack ❄️ 249 days ago

very cold august day

jack 🌱 256 days ago

trying not to kill a string of turtles plant i have been gifted

jack 🍶 267 days ago

staying hydrated

jack 😎 339 days ago

website wednesday

jack ✨ 393 days ago


jack 🥰 411 days ago

planning a text-based thing jam

jack 🫖 494 days ago

extra large tea, two milk, two sugar

jack 😴 495 days ago

no memory of my two morning alarms

jack ❄️ 496 days ago

preparing to balance the work week with advent of code

jack 🙃 498 days ago

staying up too late, to do advent of code

jack 🌱 500 days ago

doing geospatial things

jack 🎶 518 days ago

listening to djo

jack ❤️ 520 days ago

helping keenan be a web dude

jack ❤️ 542 days ago

likely using logseq

jack ✨ 551 days ago

up to date on the latest protohackers.com problems! :)

jack 🫖 561 days ago

thinking about tea

jack ✨ 562 days ago

hi jarrod

jack ✅ 575 days ago


jack 🔥 579 days ago

"who built that, thats cool" - marty

jack 🌈 580 days ago

vibing w/mitch

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