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im a barbie girl in a barbie worlldddd life in plastic its fantastic you can brush my hair undress me everywhereeee imagination life is your creation


isntreal318 🙂 317 days ago

working on the site offline!

isntreal318 😎 319 days ago

a bitch is BAAACK big update with new page soon!

isntreal318 📖 326 days ago

been doing college stuff! im going to orientation soon and i will make a journal entry abt it

isntreal318 🥰 330 days ago

starting the dorm shopping process

isntreal318 👀 331 days ago

ope i just broke the site u didnt see that ok?

isntreal318 🤖 332 days ago

workingggg the entire weekend yayyy hahahaa

isntreal318 💻 333 days ago

adding some extra things for tdy! i tried a bunch of things that didnt work out but its alright

isntreal318 🤔 333 days ago

so much to do so little time

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