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im a barbie girl in a barbie worlldddd life in plastic its fantastic you can brush my hair undress me everywhereeee imagination life is your creation


isntreal318 😯 12 days ago

live from my office job :O

isntreal318 💻 40 days ago

working hard and hardly working

isntreal318 ❤️ 41 days ago

in my lover girl era (in a 5 month talking stage)

isntreal318 🙂 60 days ago

everything stays right where you left it!

isntreal318 🤒 89 days ago

this pollen is victimizing me

isntreal318 🎶 105 days ago

actual progress on music page

isntreal318 🤖 111 days ago

spring break begins! doing new braids, will take years...

isntreal318 🥱 114 days ago

almost spring break, i will update then. midterm tdy! might fail!

isntreal318 💔 127 days ago

from academic weapon to academic victim

isntreal318 🥰 159 days ago

new crush... this is debilitating tbh

isntreal318 🙂 167 days ago

i am an academic weapon (manifesting)

isntreal318 😯 170 days ago

second semester of college - t minus 3 days!!!

isntreal318 ✨ 176 days ago

how to spend my off day before i go back to hell (the mall)

isntreal318 🙂 184 days ago

at work ruining peoples ear lobes!!

isntreal318 🌈 185 days ago

i finally fixed my computer, i feel so free. life is good again. i can play stardew in lecture now!!

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