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isaac neptune

  • math person
  • x-files enjoyer
  • excited about the internet
  • average muppets fan

profile is from this picrew


isaacfish 💻 88 days ago

RELIEF. i have my laptop back (after 3 days)

isaacfish 📰 91 days ago

home again & already i miss my dog

isaacfish 📺 93 days ago

omfg watched the first episode of seinfeld. they're just like me for real and i'm entranced

isaacfish 🙃 95 days ago

holy fucking shit i remember why i was so desparate to move out

isaacfish 😡 98 days ago

dont wanna do this dont wanna do this dont wanna do this

isaacfish 😭 98 days ago

i hate this position so much give me REAL PEOPLE TO TUTOR

isaacfish 📺 99 days ago

Across the Spider-Verse and Us are rotating in my mind.. i am considering them intently

isaacfish 🥳 102 days ago

less than 17 hours until friend!!!

isaacfish 😡 102 days ago

I HATE MY HOUSEMATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

isaacfish 🔥 103 days ago

when both our cars... COLLIDE!!!!!!!

isaacfish 🛼 104 days ago

day of tidying and personal study

isaacfish 🔥 109 days ago

inspection is day after tomorrow oh god

isaacfish 😭 109 days ago

head hurts sososososo bad i cant think straightt

isaacfish 🤖 109 days ago


isaacfish 🥳 110 days ago


isaacfish ✏️ 111 days ago

good morning everyone it is Exam Day. wish me luck

isaacfish 😴 111 days ago

exam tomorrow i am watching an x files episode and then going to bed <3

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