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isaac neptune

  • math person
  • x-files enjoyer
  • excited about the internet
  • average muppets fan

profile is from this picrew


isaacfish 🌧️ 10 hours ago

always sleepy

isaacfish 🌧️ 21 hours ago

> tired > go to bed > cant sleep :(

isaacfish 💤 1 day ago

so so sleepy its nearly 9pm i think im allowed to pass out now

isaacfish 🌧️ 4 days ago

i hate househunting so much man

isaacfish 🌧️ 5 days ago

always forget why i was so eager to leave here

isaacfish 🌧️ 7 days ago

somehow managing 👍

isaacfish ⛵ 14 days ago

head above water but it would be nice if i could have a floatie

isaacfish ⛵ 17 days ago

i wish all the wrongs were righted and i wish we had more time

isaacfish 🙃 18 days ago

lord almighty the Lack Of Plans is killing me fr

isaacfish ☀️ 18 days ago

schemes have been joyously disrupted

isaacfish ☀️ 19 days ago

scheming schemes

isaacfish 📚 19 days ago


isaacfish 🛹 20 days ago

haircut + shower + clean house + pay invoice achieved

isaacfish 💀 20 days ago

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh brain empty

isaacfish 🎨 21 days ago

i gotta i gotta i gottaaaaa do work but head full of fashion thoughts

isaacfish 📺 22 days ago

this is the second ever piece of media that i have actually been truly and entirely unable to find online. andy warhol WHY

isaacfish 🌮 23 days ago

SAUCE!!!!!!!!!! no pasta emoji :(

isaacfish 🌧️ 23 days ago

want 2 write a journal entry explaining the great & terrible wanting but i don't know how to put it into words in a way that makes sense

isaacfish 💻 23 days ago

trying to figure out a css script to hide or highlight specific users but idk if its even possible

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