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isaac neptune

  • math person
  • x-files enjoyer
  • excited about the internet
  • average muppets fan

profile is from this picrew


isaacfish 📺 1 day ago

secret DLC emotion unlocked: twin peaks

isaacfish 🙂 6 days ago

finally done all my assessments for this term that took So Long aaskdgjhsfdjkh

isaacfish 🤔 9 days ago

thinking abt improving my music page on my website with xml somehow,,,,,

isaacfish ✨ 10 days ago

the passage of time is inexorable and none of us are exempt

isaacfish 📖 13 days ago

ok only 2 assignments and 6 days of school left AND THEN SLEEPOVER

isaacfish 📖 14 days ago

MATHS TEST DONE now to study for the next one tomorrow </333

isaacfish 📖 15 days ago

maths test tomorrow aaaaaaaaaaaa

isaacfish 🙂 18 days ago

im feeling Normal and Fine and Sane about movies

isaacfish 📰 18 days ago


isaacfish 💾 19 days ago

working on the new site layout this is so fun

isaacfish 🤒 21 days ago

i miss the days of wellness.... of health........ (<- has a cold and is dramatic)

isaacfish 🥰 22 days ago

i keep tearing up bc of tiny little things,,,, the wonderful experience of being perceived

isaacfish 📖 23 days ago

it's a good thing i enjoy math because i have SO fucking much of it to do today

isaacfish ☕ 24 days ago

enjoying a quiet evening (cleaning my room and studying)

isaacfish 🥰 25 days ago

so excited 2 see my friends today :D