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isaac neptune

  • math person
  • x-files enjoyer
  • excited about the internet
  • average muppets fan

profile is from this picrew


isaacfish 🙂 13 days ago

thinking abt making a zine about moving

isaacfish 😭 14 days ago

help help help help i don't WANT a game of thrones hyperfixation

isaacfish 📖 15 days ago

doing a practice exam wish me luck everyone. when im done this i get to go home!

isaacfish 💀 15 days ago

at the uni trying to work out how the hell does the printer work

isaacfish 🚄 16 days ago

hm.... going to the uni again tomorrow. not sure what to do to prepare

isaacfish ☀️ 16 days ago

i think i actually did pretty good today

isaacfish 📚 17 days ago

going 2 the library today to study (hopefully)..

isaacfish 😴 19 days ago

assignment complete... time to sleep for 100000 years

isaacfish 🌧️ 19 days ago

i want to go home.

isaacfish 😎 21 days ago

suddenly extremely insecure about how i dress

isaacfish 😭 21 days ago

i miss my dog so much :(

isaacfish 📚 22 days ago

why are you, as a math problem, hard

isaacfish 🐶 25 days ago

last day with lola before i move </3

isaacfish 🤐 25 days ago

tomorrow is my last day in my parents' house

isaacfish 🐱 27 days ago

room empty; feeling weird

isaacfish ✅ 28 days ago

car packed, waiting for tomorrow morning

isaacfish 🥰 33 days ago

i love the muppets so much it's unreal

isaacfish 🎮 36 days ago

either i can play minecraft, play stardew valley, or do things that i need to do... hard call

isaacfish 🙃 38 days ago

the overwhelming message from australian bureaucracy seems to be "if you're disabled and under 22, you can just go fuck yourself."

isaacfish 😭 42 days ago

i think im getting sick

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