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my name is illumi, and i use hx/it pronouns. my interests are biology, digital art, hunter x hunter and houseki no kuni. feel free to add me on discord... my username is @1llvmi. if u want to know more about me, visit my straw page.

i mainly use this page to practice html, and i wont be as active. my life is quite bland, so there is not much to update on... i will try to make use of this website as much as possible, though.

if u wish to interact with me in any way, visit my guestbook.


illumi 📰 107 days ago

going to taiwan today.

illumi 📰 116 days ago

easter holiday is almost here.

illumi 📰 118 days ago

finally finished my oral exam. i can rest now.

illumi 📰 120 days ago

the popular users in big discord servers have to be chronically online...

illumi 📰 120 days ago

the masculine urge to not tell anyone a goddamn thing.

illumi 📰 123 days ago

math exam today... i am going to fail.

illumi 📰 124 days ago

been binging soul eater lately. i love the character designs, but the authors barely disguised fetish is ruining the series for me.

illumi 📰 132 days ago

i have been adding a lot of graphics on my rather than posting anything. but now i did.

illumi 📰 133 days ago

i have been getting through the week without actually knowing whats happening. im tabbing out of reality.

illumi 📰 137 days ago

i hate avoidant people so much. they know they are hurting me yet they would rather ignore it than communicate. im tired.

illumi 📰 139 days ago

being in a relationship with an person with avoidant attachment style is lowk frustrating.

illumi 📰 140 days ago

in a sudden burst of motivation, i decided to plan for my entire future. what a day.

illumi 📰 141 days ago

i hate it when people call me a child just bc im short tempered and energetic. infantilization is such a bitch.

illumi 📰 143 days ago

i hate school so much.

illumi 📰 144 days ago

having adhd paralysis in class is... an experience to behold, i guess.

illumi 📰 145 days ago

my mindset is still in resting mode even though school already resumed. i just dont want to gaf.

illumi 🙂 146 days ago

my left eye is throbbing.

illumi 📰 146 days ago

i made a straw page. i am proud of it. im going to link it everywhere.

illumi 📰 146 days ago

i hate it when new requirements i have to meet suddenly pops up, yet people still expect me to know about it already.

illumi 📰 147 days ago

just added more stamps to my profile.

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