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cyrus | they/them | 21

occasional stuff doer


ifelse95 🙃 113 days ago

we're so normal about french toast

ifelse95 😭 124 days ago

hands are currently busted, but i hope to do more things around the site soon!

ifelse95 🤩 143 days ago

site is back up!

ifelse95 🙂 162 days ago

this is a long status test. i'm still working on my site. i just had a sandwich. my gf scared the crap out of me earlier. lol

ifelse95 🙂 162 days ago

working on my site again.

ifelse95 💻 390 days ago

wrote my own first bit of javascript today!

ifelse95 😎 401 days ago

about to finish my first week of college. it's been busy!

ifelse95 🔥 411 days ago

i've got two trucks stuck in my head

ifelse95 🌈 431 days ago

college has been on the mind lately

ifelse95 😶 461 days ago

its been a week and its only monday

ifelse95 😶 463 days ago

feeling better, but my motivation is still nonexistent.

ifelse95 😶 465 days ago

i'm very depressed

ifelse95 🙂 487 days ago

listening to niki's WAVE album

ifelse95 👀 488 days ago

got my new glasses!

ifelse95 🙂 490 days ago

finally working on my site some more

ifelse95 😭 493 days ago

back pain hours

ifelse95 🤐 494 days ago

ive been kinda quiet lately

ifelse95 ☕ 506 days ago

ive had an iced coffee today and nothing can fuckign stop me

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