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cyrus | they/them | 21

occasional stuff doer


ifelse95 🥰 335 days ago

cinnamon popcorn,,

ifelse95 💀 338 days ago

i have to go to the doctors tomorrow

ifelse95 😶 342 days ago

my depression was because of my blood sugar 😒

ifelse95 🌧️ 342 days ago

my depression has been acting up with the cold, rainy weather here

ifelse95 💀 343 days ago

my executive dysfunction is bad today

ifelse95 📺 345 days ago

god i need a new laptop

ifelse95 🥳 346 days ago

made out like a bandit at my birthday party today ^_^

ifelse95 🎁 347 days ago

birthday party today

ifelse95 🍱 348 days ago

sushi cures all

ifelse95 🌧️ 349 days ago

im hoping i feel better tomorrow

ifelse95 🤒 351 days ago

im surprised that i haven't hacked up a lung yet

ifelse95 😴 353 days ago

it looks like the med increase is making me very sleepy...

ifelse95 ✅ 354 days ago

i overate at dinner tonight @ _@

ifelse95 🤔 354 days ago

to nap or to work on my drawing...

ifelse95 🤒 355 days ago

i want to make some playlists eventually but ive got a headache

ifelse95 🎶 357 days ago

*echoey recorder tooting*

ifelse95 📺 358 days ago

lagtrain is stuck in my head

ifelse95 🤒 359 days ago

my life is a constant "what was i going to do again?"

ifelse95 🍕 360 days ago

i should make dinner soon..

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