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hiraethe 🙃 99 days ago

I wish there was a way to change your username here oops

hiraethe 🙂 247 days ago

i want cheetos SO bad

hiraethe 😎 278 days ago

twitter keeps racking up the Ls

hiraethe 😎 295 days ago

long time no see huh...

hiraethe 🌱 460 days ago

got a new phone!! it's an s22 ultra

hiraethe 👀 484 days ago

finally pulled constantine in fgo (on my alt that is lel)

hiraethe 😶 494 days ago

trying to finish otoing these voicebanks LMAO

hiraethe ✏️ 511 days ago

having lots of thoughts about online communities and engagement rn

hiraethe 😎 519 days ago


hiraethe ✏️ 522 days ago

busy for the next couple of days!!

hiraethe 😎 525 days ago

looks like the storm wasnt as bad as i thought

hiraethe 🤐 527 days ago

hi this blizzard's about to fuck me over

hiraethe ☕ 535 days ago

craving boba rn

hiraethe 😎 548 days ago

imagine simping for a character so hard that you snort your noodle broth

hiraethe 😎 554 days ago

time to pummel through 5 essays !!!

hiraethe 😴 570 days ago

so sleepy rn

hiraethe 🤒 580 days ago

finally got my wisdom teeth removed but my face is so numb -_-

hiraethe 🙂 582 days ago

wisdom teeth surgery is tomorrow..

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