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hiraethe 🙂 650 days ago

im really glad to have friends who have stuck with me despite my faults and have helped me to become better ^^

hiraethe ❤️ 652 days ago

happy valentines day everyone!

hiraethe 🔥 655 days ago

so much to do so little time AAAHHH

hiraethe ☕ 658 days ago

its okay to enjoy a hobby without being in a community. because i promise you, the communities centered around hobbies are plain abrasive

hiraethe 😎 660 days ago

YASS one of my fav utaus got a new update

hiraethe 🙂 661 days ago

i haven't played acnh in a while but i'm so busy ;;

hiraethe 😎 662 days ago

i might be getting WAY into the MCU at this point haha

hiraethe 💀 664 days ago

AAAH i hope i have more time to record today ^^ my utaus' updates are getting better but i keep running into more problematic samples

hiraethe 😯 665 days ago

i keep finding problematic samples in my utaus' voicebanks haha

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