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hillhouse 🎨 1 day ago

about halfway done with a major site overhaul! new layout! new graphics! new pages! coming soon to an internet near you!

hillhouse 💤 10 days ago

somebody sit in my chair / and ruin my sleep / and make me aware / of being alive

hillhouse 🌙 19 days ago

girl help i have so many tasks i should be doing but i really wanna redo my whole site layout again

hillhouse 🌈 21 days ago

mental health issues solved by a trip to the local craft supply thrift store!

hillhouse 🌧️ 23 days ago

brain is bad but at least i have my silly little coffee drinks

hillhouse 💀 31 days ago

workin on my halloween page(s)!!! i may be putting too much effort into this but i love halloween so much

hillhouse 💤 39 days ago

i am the sleepiest guy in the whole entire world

hillhouse 🔥 44 days ago

deep in convention prep hell

hillhouse 💻 53 days ago

sorry i didnt reply to your email. yeah the horrors got me again. yeah a ghost stole my laptop or something. yknow. the horrors

hillhouse 🌈 57 days ago

going to see the barbie movie today!!!

hillhouse ☀️ 66 days ago

that heat sure can exhaustion

hillhouse 🍞 70 days ago

made challah today and ate a loaf of it fresh from the oven with apricot preserves <3 life is beautiful sometimes yknow

hillhouse 🤖 73 days ago


hillhouse ☀️ 80 days ago

too hot outside. time to cut off all my hair

hillhouse 💀 82 days ago

my neighborhood has the worst fruitfly problem in the summer :( if anyone has tips for getting rid of them pls lmk!

hillhouse 🌱 90 days ago

i finally have adhd meds after a few weeks of being without them!!! so excited to have a functional brain again!

hillhouse 🎱 96 days ago

baby you're a haunted house / better find another superstition!

hillhouse 🌈 103 days ago

happy pride from yr local ghost dyke!!

hillhouse 🎱 120 days ago

and you have not been visiting, i can't say that i mind / 'cause every time you go somewhere, you leave somewhere behind

hillhouse 💤 124 days ago

just got back from alaska! :) got covid along the way! :( rehauled the layout of this whole site! :) currently the world's sleepiest guy! :(

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