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hillhouse 🎱 16 days ago

and you have not been visiting, i can't say that i mind / 'cause every time you go somewhere, you leave somewhere behind

hillhouse 💤 20 days ago

just got back from alaska! :) got covid along the way! :( rehauled the layout of this whole site! :) currently the world's sleepiest guy! :(

hillhouse 🎱 55 days ago

i prommy i haven't forgotten about this website!!! i wanna start updating regularly again but my layout needs an overhaul, so stay tuned!!!

hillhouse 🛼 117 days ago

new paramore album lockdown!!!!

hillhouse 🥳 145 days ago

almost finished with the comic i've been working on!!! i'm so excited to have more time to work on this site again :^)

hillhouse 🤖 161 days ago

thinkin about pacific rim

hillhouse 💀 165 days ago

you are my dearest friend. i am undone without you. (gideon the ninth, tamsyn muir)

hillhouse ❄️ 167 days ago

-10 degree windchill babey 🥶

hillhouse 🔥 171 days ago

chag sameach! happy hanukkah!

hillhouse ☕️ 180 days ago

in crunch mode for comics inking right now!! wish me luck pls!!!

hillhouse 🫖 184 days ago

oof ouch my bones :( my back hurts so bad right now and i'm being very brave about it

hillhouse 🌙 185 days ago

thinkin about spaceships