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hillhouse @ neocities


hillhouse 🌈 2 days ago

quickly drawing all my ocs to get ready for artfight!!!!

hillhouse 🎱 12 days ago

been absolutely bonkers anxious for no reason the past few days :/

hillhouse 🌧️ 17 days ago

tornado watch wednesday

hillhouse 😭 28 days ago

auuuugghgh (<- me when i have to spend more $ than i wanted on plane tickets bc i was foolish and waited until the last minute to buy them)

hillhouse ✨ 30 days ago

hehe bought a nice 1980s sewing machine yday!!!! so excited to figure out how to use it!!!!

hillhouse πŸ“– 36 days ago

screaming crying throwing up (positive)

hillhouse πŸ’€ 38 days ago

back home & so so so sleepy. i think i picked up a cold while traveling & i'm praying it's not covid, gonna go get some tests today

hillhouse 🌈 48 days ago

going to canada in 2 days for a convention and i still need to clean and pack... aaaaaa

hillhouse ❀️ 52 days ago

happy may day! donate to bail funds for arrested student protestors! support your fellow worker in the fight for a better world!

hillhouse πŸ€– 54 days ago

finals week at my job wish me luck pls!!!!

hillhouse πŸ«– 57 days ago

i did 3 loads of laundry today please be proud of me

hillhouse ❀️ 59 days ago

happy lesbian visibility week!!!! from yr fave haunted lesbian xoxo

hillhouse 🎢 63 days ago

nothing promised / no regrets

hillhouse πŸ’€ 65 days ago

woke up feeling bonkers anxious for no reason for the first time in a while

hillhouse β˜€οΈ 72 days ago

incredible how well my brain works when i'm medicated/it's sunny out/i'm consistently making art

hillhouse πŸ”₯ 73 days ago

it's gonna be 80ΒΊf this week for multiple days..... please it's APRIL

hillhouse 🎢 95 days ago

oh holy whore androgyne, come and sunder the stop signs

hillhouse 🌱 97 days ago

in certain situations, the minotaur at the heart of the labyrinth can be convinced the girl is not a girl but a part of the labyrinth itself

hillhouse πŸš„ 106 days ago

on my way to visit some friends in new york for a long weekend!!!

hillhouse 🌈 111 days ago

statuscafe is just for weather reports now. its nice outside :)

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