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halcybutton 🙃 3 days ago

have an interview monday at a place i really don't want to work at. why do i keep getting stuck with final resort places?

halcybutton 🎮 8 days ago

told my bf i didnt have brainworms for limbus company but i cant act like im not intrigues by other project moon games now

halcybutton 💤 9 days ago

meds got adjusted, my new dose makes me so sleepy

halcybutton 💤 13 days ago

I'm ridiculously exhausted today. Don't know why.

halcybutton ❄️ 15 days ago

lots of snow, wish i had some hot cocoa 💔

halcybutton 🎮 21 days ago

been mining away in a friend realm in minecraft for the last couple of days. so much fun

halcybutton 🍣 24 days ago

getting sushi and hotpot later <3

halcybutton ✨ 25 days ago

i have a job orientation next wednesday :D

halcybutton 💀 27 days ago

so many doctors appointments. im beat

halcybutton ❤️ 31 days ago

my boyfriend is the best

halcybutton 💡 31 days ago

figuring status cafe out