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halcybutton 🌈 100 days ago

looking forward to pride this weekend

halcybutton 🧐 127 days ago

feeling antsy for change... hmm..

halcybutton 🙃 140 days ago

work is draining so much outta me

halcybutton ✨ 154 days ago

got approved for my medicinal weed card <3

halcybutton 💤 157 days ago

my body hurts and i am so tired :-(

halcybutton 😶 163 days ago

looking at my mood tracker and it's 📈📉📈📉📉📈📉📈📉

halcybutton 💀 186 days ago

Working at a BBQ place on Memorial Day weekend is not fun.

halcybutton 💤 196 days ago

Practicing driving later. Hopefully I can get my license soon.

halcybutton 💀 197 days ago

I wore a mask and everything but I feel so nauseous.

halcybutton 🎶 198 days ago

seeing a concert tonight yippee!

halcybutton 🌈 198 days ago

I love my boyfriend. That's all.

halcybutton 💀 207 days ago

today's the first day i haven't had anything going on in over a week

halcybutton 💤 217 days ago

My birthday was yesterday. Spent it working. Did a clopen for my first two days, now I just want to nap.

halcybutton 💤 224 days ago

Updated my graphics collection, and reformatted my site again.

halcybutton 🥳 230 days ago

i beat kromer in one go with no casualties! mostly thanks to my boyfriend haha

halcybutton 🎮 230 days ago

let's see if i can beat kromer first try >:-)

halcybutton 🙃 236 days ago

i've been really twitchy and weak lately. keep dropping stuff too. wonder what's up with that

halcybutton ✨ 243 days ago

happy trans day of visibility <3

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