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halcybutton ☀️ 2 days ago

about is done and i have DnD tonight!

halcybutton 💡 8 days ago

hopefully will get working on my about me soon teehee

halcybutton 💻 10 days ago

added a chattable to my blog for chats, comments, and whatnot =)

halcybutton 💔 12 days ago

threw my back out a few days ago and only today have i been able to sit at my PC for over 20 minutes at a time

halcybutton 🥳 17 days ago

productive while hungover yaay

halcybutton 🎲 23 days ago

DnD tonight, very exciting

halcybutton 💤 114 days ago

that seasonal depression

halcybutton 🌈 241 days ago

looking forward to pride this weekend

halcybutton 🧐 268 days ago

feeling antsy for change... hmm..

halcybutton 🙃 281 days ago

work is draining so much outta me

halcybutton ✨ 295 days ago

got approved for my medicinal weed card <3

halcybutton 💤 298 days ago

my body hurts and i am so tired :-(

halcybutton 😶 304 days ago

looking at my mood tracker and it's 📈📉📈📉📉📈📉📈📉

halcybutton 💀 327 days ago

Working at a BBQ place on Memorial Day weekend is not fun.

halcybutton 💤 337 days ago

Practicing driving later. Hopefully I can get my license soon.

halcybutton 💀 338 days ago

I wore a mask and everything but I feel so nauseous.

halcybutton 🎶 339 days ago

seeing a concert tonight yippee!

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