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gregeporter 🌈 25 days ago

Everything's going to be alright, reader. Just keep on keepin' on.

gregeporter πŸ™‚ 47 days ago

Sheesh, what a day. I hope your day is going well, whoever happens to see this.

gregeporter πŸ™‚ 74 days ago

Whew, sheesh, it's so silly how something as simple as being hungry can make someone cranky. Humans sure can be frail.

gregeporter πŸ™‚ 79 days ago

To whoever this needs to go to, the Lord is going to take care of you. It'll be ok

gregeporter ❀️ 93 days ago

I asked for some prayers some time ago and thank you to all who did! Everything worked out as we asked :)

gregeporter 🌈 107 days ago

Sheesh, our prayers were answered! Well, I suppose they kinda always are but they were answered in a way that we wanted.

gregeporter ❀️ 111 days ago

You are loved - even if it might not feel like it right now.

gregeporter 🌈 111 days ago

My wife and I are going through some pretty scary health stuff. Would anybody who sees this please say a little prayer for us?

gregeporter πŸ˜‡ 114 days ago

I don't know anybody out there but would you please say a little prayer for my wife, son, and I; we're going through scary health stuff.

gregeporter 😎 129 days ago

Doin' stuff is a sure-fire way to help my mood; just kinda stewing is sure-fire way to make me tense. Now, I just gotta find what to do now

gregeporter 😭 137 days ago

Sheesh! So many things to do!

gregeporter 😭 157 days ago

Gah! Things are all quiet but then not. Pochemy!

gregeporter πŸ€– 160 days ago

Beep boop beep boop

gregeporter πŸ”₯ 178 days ago

Sheesh what a day I sure am blessed.

gregeporter πŸ™ƒ 187 days ago

Alright, I'm feelin' good but I'm trying to hang onto the notion that we should love our enemies and be humble. With that in mind, ehhhhh

gregeporter πŸ₯± 191 days ago

Sheesh, I feel pooped but pumped.

gregeporter πŸ€– 192 days ago

New phone who dis?

gregeporter πŸ”₯ 193 days ago

Alright, cleanin is underway and work is on. I’m feelin’ good.

gregeporter πŸ₯± 198 days ago

Sheesh, I feel lonely. But I suppose it gives me opportunities to do like self reflection and prayer which is good.

gregeporter 😢 198 days ago

Man, I’m tired. I could really use a good new hobby.

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