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gregeporter ⛵ 119 days ago

Gettin’ ready for a trip

gregeporter 😎 119 days ago

Alright, positive attitude. This'll be good. Everything is a blessing somehow, we just can't see how.

gregeporter 🙂 120 days ago

I associate the phrase Keep On Keepin’ On with Death Stranding but surely it existed prior to that.

gregeporter 🔥 121 days ago

A simple deep breath can do wonders for one's mood.

gregeporter 🥱 122 days ago

I wonder how these statuses can be used. I don’t think anyone will really read em, so they could just kinda be for me. But is it wasteful?

gregeporter 🙂 125 days ago

Not sleepin' when I should be sleepin'

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