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Hi! I play piano, occasionly make some half-decent tunes and pretend to be a programmer.


googleplex ✏️ 2 days ago

added a new blog post to my site

googleplex 🔥 21 days ago

> doesn't drop below 80 at night here in the uk we've had to deal with what i think is 108 in eagle speak with no ac for 2 days straight (:

googleplex 🔥 22 days ago

was 40 degrees today. suprised i haven't completely melted yet

googleplex 🙂 22 days ago

trying out the custom emoji glitch thing because it sounds neat

googleplex 🥹 22 days ago

what is this emoji? for me it just says 01F979 in a box

googleplex 😭 27 days ago

I just found out that my grandpa died. I'll remember him forever.

googleplex 🙂 27 days ago

my page has real content now!!!! also gonna add some buttons

googleplex 🙂 29 days ago

> Pretty unsure of what to work on next for my site...hmmm. MIDI downloads are always a good idea for 90's style sites

googleplex 💾 29 days ago

worked on a blog entry for my site yesterday, and finally got around to setting up my MIDIs page

googleplex 🥰 30 days ago

i love the smell of onions cooking! it always reminds me of cooking at home

googleplex 🙂 30 days ago

neocities was down???

googleplex 💾 31 days ago

just joined this place, email took forever to send i've been working on a song i'm making, and i got some lyrics written that i like!