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Hi! I play piano, occasionly make some half-decent tunes and pretend to be a programmer.


googleplex ✈️ 41 days ago

tenerife time: day 4! went to the beach, itΒ΄s quite blue. food is nice

googleplex πŸ™‚ 41 days ago

tenerife time: day 4! went to the beach, itΒ΄s quite blue. food is nice

googleplex βœ… 78 days ago

boots and cats and boots and cats and shrek and maths homework and boots and cats and

googleplex πŸ• 81 days ago

hopefully this shows as egg

googleplex πŸ€” 85 days ago

kfc is awsome wdym

googleplex πŸ™‚ 96 days ago

@dozens can you post me some of the oatmeal? that way i can finally figure out what it is

googleplex πŸ™ƒ 98 days ago

sam is the new yandere dev

googleplex πŸ’» 100 days ago

we have a level mainly working!!!! there is also an "inventory" where you can hold a key :D

googleplex πŸ₯± 102 days ago

been working on engine for game i'm making - it works but it looks awful (i havent added the art yet)

googleplex ✏️ 115 days ago

added a new blog post to my site

googleplex πŸ”₯ 134 days ago

> doesn't drop below 80 at night here in the uk we've had to deal with what i think is 108 in eagle speak with no ac for 2 days straight (:

googleplex πŸ”₯ 135 days ago

was 40 degrees today. suprised i haven't completely melted yet

googleplex πŸ™‚ 135 days ago

trying out the custom emoji glitch thing because it sounds neat

googleplex πŸ₯Ή 135 days ago

what is this emoji? for me it just says 01F979 in a box

googleplex 😭 140 days ago

I just found out that my grandpa died. I'll remember him forever.

googleplex πŸ™‚ 140 days ago

my page has real content now!!!! also gonna add some buttons

googleplex πŸ™‚ 142 days ago

> Pretty unsure of what to work on next for my site...hmmm. MIDI downloads are always a good idea for 90's style sites

googleplex πŸ’Ύ 142 days ago

worked on a blog entry for my site yesterday, and finally got around to setting up my MIDIs page

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