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hi. im avery i write mediocre code and sleep a lot


ghosttype 🌙 7 days ago

its so weird how the way people treat you changes immediately as soon as you start paying more attention to your appearance

ghosttype 🌧️ 9 days ago

the indescribable void left in your soul after you finish a good book

ghosttype 💤 34 days ago

currently in a love hate relationship with english class

ghosttype 🌈 62 days ago

also saw barbie today!!!

ghosttype 💻 62 days ago

need to remake my site again... need to stop getting bored of my layout every month

ghosttype ☀️ 73 days ago

sea glass p retty..

ghosttype 🙂 104 days ago

i water my plants -> my plants need water -> repeat for eternity

ghosttype 💔 106 days ago

haircut.. straightened hair bad

ghosttype ☀️ 112 days ago

the simple joy of doing dishes and watering plants

ghosttype ✨ 118 days ago

seeing ur button on someone elses site is so.. surreal

ghosttype 💔 119 days ago

4 more weeks.. i cant do this anymore

ghosttype ☀️ 127 days ago

hhshjshbjsdbdb hot weather bad. i am feeling a lot happier than usual though so maybe the sun is good in moderation

ghosttype 💻 134 days ago

new site layout is almost done. ive probably spent too much time on this for what its worth

ghosttype 🌧️ 143 days ago

wow its rainy

ghosttype 💻 161 days ago

debating remaking my entire site for the millionth time,,,

ghosttype 🐶 165 days ago

relistened to twin fantasy (things are getting bad again)

ghosttype 👽 188 days ago

i have to get gother

ghosttype 💔 191 days ago

how do i explain alexithymia without sounding like an edgelord

ghosttype 🌱 201 days ago

my cactus is flowering!!! im so proud of her

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