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hi. im avery i write mediocre code and sleep a lot


ghosttype 🌧️ 9 days ago

spiders are cool in theory but as soon as i actually see one i cry

ghosttype 💔 13 days ago

one of my plants has grown out of control send help

ghosttype 💤 22 days ago

the sleepytired is eternal

ghosttype 🙃 32 days ago

i love ikea i could wander aimlessly in here for years

ghosttype 🙂 33 days ago

real goofy goober hours

ghosttype 😎 50 days ago

in all ways except physical i am a muppet

ghosttype 🙃 54 days ago

hshnsnhhdgnhsj why cant i pet my friends cats through a phone screen

ghosttype 😇 55 days ago

i miss animal jam

ghosttype ❄️ 61 days ago

snowed for the first time this year, we didnt get any last year so its nice to see the colder weather again