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gh0stprince ✨ 179 days ago

playing some outer worlds today!

gh0stprince 😎 182 days ago

hope everyone's doing well today! today is an errand-running/art day, with (hopefully) some website work afterwards

gh0stprince 💀 187 days ago

@shy ty for the luck! however after a week I am no longer quitting smoking...I'll continue quitting when I get the patches bc JEEZ awful

gh0stprince 👽 188 days ago

quitting smoking is like exercising a demon or something.

gh0stprince 🐱 190 days ago

did I do a week's worth of crochet in one day? yes, yes I did

gh0stprince 🙂 192 days ago

I guess today is "tearing Google off my devices" day again? :P

gh0stprince 😱 193 days ago

oh I finally got back into my status cafe, thank gods

gh0stprince 😡 202 days ago

ah yes, it's DeviantART Resentment Time(tm) again

gh0stprince 🐱 205 days ago

it's so weird to think about how much pain having my teeth was causing me. my gums are still irritated (obviously) jaw can relax??

gh0stprince 🙂 209 days ago

I came home from the dentist and I look like a zombie, apparently. Nice \m/

gh0stprince 😯 210 days ago

next set of dental surgery today...hopefully all goes well!