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a little space for me to say what i am up to.

i might be sleeping tho


fri11s 🌱 23 days ago

It's Spring now!

fri11s 🐱 23 days ago

Neocities hp is down but people's websites are still up!

fri11s ❤️ 57 days ago

Added kudos to my blog posts so you can leave a heart!

fri11s ✨ 64 days ago

Started building my new About page. It's not finished yet but considering deploying it to work out in the open!

fri11s 🌙 70 days ago

Registered for the Midnight Pub!

fri11s ✅ 92 days ago

Made a Bookmark feed! It's currently pulling into my 'all' RSS but will be making a separate one for it too

fri11s 📰 95 days ago

Really want to create a new feed on my website for sharing bookmarks. Akin to how Flamed Fury does it!

fri11s ✨ 105 days ago

Busy busy winter holidays

fri11s 🤔 115 days ago

My website light mode feels too white.. I think I need to inject some pink!

fri11s ❄️ 129 days ago

Christmas theme is live!

fri11s 👀 139 days ago

One hundred thousand views on my little webbed site. Wild!!

fri11s 🔥 144 days ago

Absolutely living my best life in my blanket jumper

fri11s ✅ 148 days ago

Winter flu jab: done!

fri11s 🌱 149 days ago

Creating a 'Collections' section of my site to have random stuff like shrines, sticker albums.. maybe a media log

fri11s 📚 158 days ago

Sleepy and reading books

fri11s 👽 165 days ago

Happy Hallowe'en!

fri11s 🔥 166 days ago

Little bit burnt out and it's only Monday

fri11s 💤 169 days ago

Said I was gonna get an early night, and here we are at 11:45pm

fri11s 💀 171 days ago

Added a little CSS ghostie to my experiments collection. Had fun making the little guy

fri11s 🌱 173 days ago

Found a gorgeous woodland walk a few miles away this weekend. It was so beautiful, it reminded me of the forests in North Vancouver

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