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hey! i'm fox! :D come talk to me about silly things like coding and minecraft youtubers


foxbite 💤 8 hours ago


foxbite 💤 11 days ago

still sleepy

foxbite 💤 22 days ago

soooooooooooo sleeepy i want doggy

foxbite 💤 35 days ago

so sleepy

foxbite ✈️ 43 days ago

let me on first class flights

foxbite ✈️ 55 days ago

sooo neurodivergent coded (insane abt public transit especially planes)

foxbite ❤️ 62 days ago

i do love jet lag the game

foxbite ❤️ 63 days ago

can we talk abt fyreuk

foxbite 🐶 65 days ago

dogy soon :3

foxbite ❤️ 66 days ago

fyreuk .......

foxbite 💤 67 days ago

zzzzz sleepy

foxbite 💤 78 days ago

soooooooo tired

foxbite 💤 82 days ago

guy who is sooooo sleepy

foxbite ✏️ 84 days ago

going to make refsheets of my favorite guys (not my ocs but basically my ocs atp)

foxbite 🐶 84 days ago

working late tomorrow BUT i get to hang out with one of my fave dogs sooo you win some you loose some :')

foxbite 💻 85 days ago

my artlog page and my journal page are formatted with txt files and php

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foxbite 🎶 88 days ago

i wanna put you in the spotlight!!!!!!

foxbite 💻 93 days ago

renormalize rpf

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