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hey! i'm fox! :D come talk to me about silly things like coding and minecraft youtubers


foxbite 🌈 10 days ago


foxbite 🔥 18 days ago

ive GOTTA get more insane (<- already insane)

foxbite ✏️ 19 days ago

im the funniest guy ever invented

foxbite 💤 25 days ago

guy who is sleepy (me)

foxbite ❤️ 28 days ago

fandom history........

foxbite 💻 35 days ago

yayayay sites really getting somewhere

foxbite 💻 37 days ago

yaayyy php is so fun. when it works :3

foxbite 🎨 40 days ago

3d printing troubleshooting ... o|^_

foxbite 🎨 46 days ago

3d printer will be mine soon tm

foxbite 💻 49 days ago

i love desktop customization. rainmeter is so fun

foxbite 💻 62 days ago

i wanna work on my conlangs

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foxbite 💻 64 days ago

nneed to add conlang page to my site.... gotta figure out the best way to format it

foxbite 💻 67 days ago

working on my new site!!!! love working on this sm

foxbite 💤 99 days ago

i am so tired i am so ready fr the weekend

foxbite ❄️ 104 days ago

why does it get dark so early :(

foxbite 🐶 108 days ago

got a job offer! :3

foxbite ❤️ 133 days ago

i miss technoblade

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