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hey! i'm fox! :D come talk to me about silly things like coding and minecraft youtubers


foxbite 💤 39 days ago

still sleepy

foxbite 💤 40 days ago

working late today sighssssss whatever

foxbite 💻 50 days ago

yay animorphs

foxbite 💤 61 days ago

still eepy

foxbite 💻 62 days ago

now page now has doodle of the [whenever i draw a new one] day [thumbs up emoji] yay

foxbite 💻 66 days ago

self reminder make a status updater page fr doodles

foxbite 💤 67 days ago

eepy time

foxbite ❤️ 72 days ago

dead boy detectives <3

foxbite 💤 78 days ago


foxbite 💤 91 days ago

still sleepy if u were wondering

foxbite 🎮 120 days ago

rpg maker save me

foxbite 💤 134 days ago

sleepy still btw

foxbite 💤 184 days ago

still sleepy

foxbite ✨ 196 days ago

happy 2005

foxbite 🐶 219 days ago

someday i will own an anatolian shepherd

foxbite 🎶 221 days ago

i don't want you gone man, look at what you gave me

foxbite 💤 229 days ago


foxbite 💤 240 days ago

still sleepy

foxbite 💤 251 days ago

soooooooooooo sleeepy i want doggy

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