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hey! i'm fox! :D come talk to me about silly things like coding and minecraft youtubers


foxbite 💻 179 days ago

my artlog page and my journal page are formatted with txt files and php

foxbite ❤️ 179 days ago


foxbite 🎶 182 days ago

i wanna put you in the spotlight!!!!!!

foxbite 💻 187 days ago

renormalize rpf

foxbite 💤 188 days ago

self reminder i should make an art gallery that's more organized. like written blog style. or something

foxbite 💤 190 days ago

soooo tired

foxbite 💻 200 days ago

rpf is important. for the ecosystem

foxbite 💤 209 days ago

soooooo sleepy for real

foxbite ✨ 225 days ago

guestbook WORKS. yay

foxbite 🙂 226 days ago

self reminder update guestbook

foxbite 💤 234 days ago

i should make a mianite tarot deck <- doesnt do anything w tarot cards and thinks theyre bs

foxbite 💤 235 days ago

guy who only wants to talk about one obscure media -> wow why do i feel isolated

foxbite 🙂 239 days ago

i neeed a job with the forest service. or something

foxbite 💤 240 days ago

i hate goldendoodles -_-

foxbite 💤 243 days ago

guy who is so so so so so tired

foxbite 📺 282 days ago

lets talk about fyreuk now

foxbite 🐶 301 days ago

puppy thoughts.........

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