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a wild animal that's slowly being domesticated


forest 🌧️ 192 days ago

i miss rainy weather so so so so so much i would whoop and holler and do a dance if it started raining here again but alas it is july 31st

forest 💻 193 days ago

aough. new layout in its final stages...

forest 🙂 207 days ago

gotta remind myself, every day, that i dont HAVE to fully render my art. i can just doodle. i can just sketch. dont touch that paintbrush

forest 😡 208 days ago

windows update more like windows upyours!!!!!!!

forest 🐱 209 days ago

miss penny is 7 already! wow! gamer!

forest 😎 211 days ago

love a 90s squiggle :-)

forest 😎 213 days ago

finally getting more good stuff on my site. need to start building up from here

forest 🙂 214 days ago

looking into non-embed shoutbox code... would ideally like something i can manage files for rather than a chatbox hosted elsewhere.

forest 😶 215 days ago

teeth still safely remain in my head

forest 🤐 216 days ago

getting some teeth stolen today

forest ✈️ 224 days ago


forest 💀 253 days ago

lots of stuff to do before i leave tomorrow auuuu

forest 😱 255 days ago

oh god deadline TOMORROW and flight on the FIRST. auuuuuu

forest ✏️ 256 days ago

he/him like you would refer to a lost dog, they/them like youd refer to a mysterious stranger

forest 🌱 257 days ago

realizing that i have a lot to look forward to, a lot that i am working on, and a bright future

forest 😭 258 days ago

one week til i leave.... oughhh... i hate walking thru airports though....

forest 🔥 259 days ago

it is so hot here! someone turn off nature's heater! it's better for the power bill!

forest 😯 259 days ago

weird stuttering / screen tearing with the latest firefox update o_O

forest ❤️ 263 days ago

waking up to gf calling me (to wake me up) is such a beloved feeling (esp when its usually me calling her to wake her up)

forest 🔥 265 days ago

it's been getting really hot lately.... keeping the blinds half-closed now...

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