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a wild animal that's slowly being domesticated


forest 🥺 310 days ago

people like my stuff.. what!!!???

forest 🥳 310 days ago

i got my hair cut finallyyyy :-) so happy. i look cool

forest ✅ 310 days ago

oh, the site is back!

forest 🎁 312 days ago

usps is giving away more free test kits!

forest 😱 312 days ago

ahhh so much work to do!!

forest 😱 314 days ago

so much work to do

forest ❄️ 315 days ago

sorry for being a skyrim nerd. As if it's my fault

forest ✈️ 316 days ago

i forgot im for-real traveling to oregon next month. Help

forest 🙂 316 days ago

it's important to always be authentic! do what feels nice. that's why i talk like an old person

forest ✨ 317 days ago

happy wizard wednesday! i took my hormones!

forest 🐱 318 days ago

cats are so delightful, like, that's my roommate and best friend and creature who i love and cherish with the silliest whiskers ever.

forest 🍕 318 days ago

sunflower seed butter filled pretzel nuggets. absolutely divine

forest 🙂 319 days ago

i wish presliced foods (especially fruits) were less expensive. theyre so much more accessible for me....

forest 💡 319 days ago

i need a sidebuzz so bad

forest 🌧️ 320 days ago

opening my window wide to feel a breeze from the coming storm

forest ☕ 320 days ago

i like that my gf's mom is basically my mom too now. i should wish her a happy mother's day

forest 💾 321 days ago

the world needs more y2k style 3d renders and by god am i going to help with that

forest ✏️ 321 days ago

code is fun but also hard but also fun. i fixed up my page!

forest 💾 321 days ago

tinkering in blender

forest 💾 322 days ago

uploading my brain to vrchat

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