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Hi ^-^ i am cas/fin/herbert/IIe/http !! getting in2 the internet beyond giant social media as of maybe the beginning of 2022, end of 2021. my angel town profile and my tumblr


finduilas 📺 183 days ago

made a letterboxd this morning whee wahoo

finduilas 😱 185 days ago

Pay no attention to the man behind the screen but I just realized I never fixed the pages in my misc folder when I changed the CSS. Oopsie

finduilas 🥰 188 days ago

i love troubleshooting. me when the task may be tedious and long

finduilas 💻 196 days ago

FINALLY got school wifi connected on arch, WHEEEEE!! hopefully it will not be this difficult every time but i think i have the process down

finduilas 💻 201 days ago

Now... I can finally (barely) say it... I run Arch, BTW.

finduilas 💻 202 days ago

halloween over, see you next year alternative css...

finduilas 🥳 210 days ago

set up that scroll box

finduilas 💡 211 days ago

im thinking scroll box for webrings and cliques, index is getting long...

finduilas 🙂 212 days ago

Laptop didn't charge last night... school wifi only connected to phone... death & destruction...

finduilas 🎮 215 days ago

i LOVE modded minecraft

finduilas 📺 217 days ago

missed it by a day but happy 38th anniversary to hit 80s silly horror film re-animator, my favoritest ever

finduilas 😴 226 days ago

Need a long weekend or smth I'm so tired

finduilas 🤔 230 days ago

I don't want my website to be copyrighted, I just put that at the bottom bc I saw other people doing it... what other license could I use...

finduilas 💀 231 days ago

set up a halloween theme 4 my site 2day + updated featured song yippee !! but now mytummy hurts wahhhh

finduilas 💻 232 days ago

skilled and talented at breaking my css

finduilas 💻 232 days ago

last night tried to install compiz and managed to crash my computer. not compatible with modern ubuntu?

finduilas 💻 232 days ago

not enough to have amateur compsci knowledge, i need to BECOME a linux machine

finduilas 🌈 237 days ago

im wifi haver..... real....

finduilas 💻 238 days ago

Re:my prev status, I just didn't know how to navigate to my SD card in Ubuntu file explorer oopsie

finduilas 💻 242 days ago

i do not want to have to format my sd card again pretty please qbit just start working magically

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