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Hi ^-^ i am cas/fin/herbert/IIe/http !! getting in2 the internet beyond giant social media as of maybe the beginning of 2022, end of 2021. my angel town profile and my tumblr


finduilas 😴 3 days ago

i should nevar have 2 go 2 school or do homework. #tired

finduilas 😭 4 days ago

Every time angel-town is down its basically like the end of the world

finduilas 🙂 6 days ago

Visiting with family this weekend 😁😁😁

finduilas 📺 8 days ago

i sang carry on wayward son in choir in middleschool & i think i would not have gotten in2 spn if i hadnt. & well happy 18th birthday...

finduilas ✏️ 10 days ago

tried to write a poem earlier and now my tummy and head both hurt. surely correlation = causation & i should NEVER write poetry ever again

finduilas ✈️ 11 days ago

My friend was born this day in history. Surely nothing else of significance occurred on this most joyous of days

finduilas 🙂 11 days ago

in spirit im laying face down in a rain puddle rn (listening 2 folk punk again...)

finduilas 💔 12 days ago

accidentally cleared my list of downloads from slsk which like i think doesnt matter bc i still have the files but i HATE losing information

finduilas 💻 14 days ago

I'd be a computer sci major except I think that would kill me

finduilas 🤒 15 days ago

almost passed out in choir today #cramps, got taken out of school early and spent the afternoon resting

finduilas 😭 17 days ago

wailing and sobbing bc microsoft is KILLING my WIFE. WordPad #1 fan forever </3

finduilas 🎶 19 days ago

girls just wanna have discord rich presence for vlc media player

finduilas ☀️ 20 days ago

went to the food bank for the first time this morning :) not sure but might be going to the ymca later

finduilas 💔 22 days ago

one of my microSD cards died.theres old videos on there from 1000 years ago apperently (2017) considering paying4 pro data recovery but idk

finduilas 🙂 24 days ago

sick day for me and storm days for the next few days #no #school

finduilas 📱 25 days ago

One of my phones broke... sad!

finduilas 😱 25 days ago

im #already tired of school .

finduilas 💻 27 days ago

i dream of linux hosting support for parsec

finduilas 💻 29 days ago

interesting how operating system can also impact certain aspects of sites, something to consider in the future i think

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