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Hi ^-^ i am cas/fin/herbert/IIe/http !! getting in2 the internet beyond giant social media as of maybe the beginning of 2022, end of 2021. my angel town profile and my tumblr


finduilas 🌙 11 days ago


finduilas 🥳 21 days ago

spring break wheee ^-^

finduilas 🌈 29 days ago


finduilas 💻 54 days ago

thinking of creating a terminal-style about-me site . no idea how to accomplish that but thinking...

finduilas 🎁 64 days ago

i think that when i get a job the first thing im buying is the internet archive gloves....

finduilas 💡 81 days ago

cbox doesn't work on firefox if enhanced tracking protection is turned on?

finduilas 😭 88 days ago

i want the internet archive gloves sooo bad

finduilas ✨ 99 days ago

working on a ppt abt the personal web & rewatching ohshc

finduilas ✏️ 100 days ago

arrgh im so at school

finduilas 😭 100 days ago

maybe a break should be Do School Work Early and Not on the Last Day of Break

finduilas 🌈 102 days ago

maybe a break Should be a break and not a Time To Do Other Work

finduilas 🤒 107 days ago

have not gotten any website work done and now i have a sore throat

finduilas 💻 122 days ago

maybe THIS break from school will be the one that gets me back to website work.. 3 more days...

finduilas 🤔 128 days ago

what do most people use to create their blog pages on their sites? bearblog? midnightpub?

finduilas 💻 137 days ago

i promise i just need to gut my laptop one more time & make her suckless and then ill be back to website work (lying, probably)

finduilas 📺 142 days ago

made a letterboxd this morning whee wahoo

finduilas 😱 145 days ago

Pay no attention to the man behind the screen but I just realized I never fixed the pages in my misc folder when I changed the CSS. Oopsie

finduilas 🥰 148 days ago

i love troubleshooting. me when the task may be tedious and long

finduilas 💻 156 days ago

FINALLY got school wifi connected on arch, WHEEEEE!! hopefully it will not be this difficult every time but i think i have the process down

finduilas 💻 160 days ago

Now... I can finally (barely) say it... I run Arch, BTW.

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