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Hi ^-^ i am cas/fin/herbert/IIe/http !! getting in2 the internet beyond giant social media as of maybe the beginning of 2022, end of 2021. my angel town profile and my tumblr


finduilas 🤖 31 days ago

im like if unit 3000-21 was real

finduilas 📺 39 days ago

Started watching succession finally ^-^ yippee

finduilas 😱 42 days ago

I think I've been using class and id attributes wrong maybe😨

finduilas ✏️ 42 days ago

Frustrated by the lack of focus on history that directly relates to me in my history class. I enjoy what I learn but I wish I learned more

finduilas 📚 43 days ago

Went to bookstore yesterday ^-^ got some poetry books + Alison Bechdel's Fun House!!!

finduilas 💻 44 days ago

Apple is my enemy

finduilas 🤒 44 days ago

experiencing psychosomatic symptoms bc of school LOL

finduilas 💻 50 days ago

I seriously want to request that I not be forced to use an assigned computer in school next year. Like accommodate me PLEASE !!!

finduilas 😱 53 days ago

I have a 48 in environsci right now everyone

finduilas 💻 64 days ago

partitioned my laptop's hard drive or something and now i have ubuntu and windows 11, it has been fun so far i like the way ubuntu works ^-^

finduilas 💻 70 days ago

In my web design class rn, starting 2 learn abt web design B)

finduilas 🥳 74 days ago

four day weekend YIPPEEE gonna try to gget my work done early but idk how well it will work out sweatsmile emoji

finduilas 😱 76 days ago

Feel like this semester has started out too easy and I am just waiting for the bottom to drop... good luck with your classes everyone!!

finduilas 🌈 81 days ago

whatta wonderfu;l world ^-^

finduilas 😎 100 days ago

Getting ready 2 go 2 a Hanukkah party 🥳 🎉 ❗

finduilas 💻 102 days ago

On break from school again!! Hoping to get work done on web site . Create a shrine perhaps ^-^

finduilas 💻 102 days ago

Working on website, trying to get collapsibles to be closed by default

finduilas 💻 111 days ago

playing w/parsec! yippee!!

finduilas 🐱 123 days ago

Getting ready 2 go hang out w/my cousins' cats ^ω^

finduilas 📺 124 days ago

watched planes, trains & automobiles w/parents 2day ^-^

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