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Hi ^-^ i am cas/fin/herbert/IIe/http !! getting in2 the internet beyond giant social media as of maybe the beginning of 2022, end of 2021. my angel town profile and my tumblr


finduilas 📚 13 days ago

going to get my class schedule 4 my first yr of college set up today... oh yeah...

finduilas 🌈 24 days ago

have a little head ache but its O.K.

finduilas 💻 27 days ago

should i minecraft or walk or tv or read... quite the dilemma if i do say so myself

finduilas ✏️ 38 days ago

Officially accepted in2 college 👍

finduilas 💤 41 days ago

made a furcadia acct and am learning 2 dream weave... ooooh...

finduilas 🎶 43 days ago

Have been trying 2 listen 2 prurient frozen niagara falls. I love noise

finduilas 💻 51 days ago

got out of classes and havent felt like doing anything #sleepylife

finduilas 🌈 62 days ago

it may or may not be my last day of high school. story developing...

finduilas 🌈 69 days ago

making progress on a school project that i hope to upload to my site eventually!!!!!!!

finduilas ☀️ 74 days ago

Happy International Workers Day 2 all who celebrate!!!!!

finduilas 💻 78 days ago

spent the last few days trying 2 set up dwmblocks-async & i think it is beyond my current capabilities. sticking w slstatus 4 now ^-^

finduilas 🌈 83 days ago

beautifulwonderful World...

finduilas 🌙 103 days ago


finduilas 🥳 113 days ago

spring break wheee ^-^

finduilas 🌈 122 days ago


finduilas 💻 147 days ago

thinking of creating a terminal-style about-me site . no idea how to accomplish that but thinking...

finduilas 🎁 156 days ago

i think that when i get a job the first thing im buying is the internet archive gloves....

finduilas 💡 174 days ago

cbox doesn't work on firefox if enhanced tracking protection is turned on?

finduilas 😭 180 days ago

i want the internet archive gloves sooo bad

finduilas ✨ 192 days ago

working on a ppt abt the personal web & rewatching ohshc

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