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fadenkreuze 📱 1 day ago

my baby sister fucks ducks send help

fadenkreuze 🎤 1 day ago

"let people have fun" let me shoot shotgun slugs in their skulls how about

fadenkreuze 💀 21 days ago

people who struggle with bathroom problems are the weakest link and will be killed off by natural selection

fadenkreuze 🙂 23 days ago

eating its pussy like it's the eucharist

fadenkreuze 📰 37 days ago

looking for a job today wish us luck

fadenkreuze 🤖 40 days ago

no life braindead nobodies get shot

fadenkreuze ❤️ 40 days ago

new favorite hobby: ruining my baby sister's chastity vow.

fadenkreuze 🍱 46 days ago

t-minus 2 hours til we get money woooooooo

fadenkreuze ☕️ 46 days ago

unbanning my brother from caffeine

fadenkreuze 💀 47 days ago

if you're looking for a sign to end it here it is.

fadenkreuze ❤️ 47 days ago

someone tell my baby brother to catch a hintttt

fadenkreuze 😎 52 days ago

Havin fun bein the best brother

fadenkreuze 🥃 52 days ago

iIgnoring my shitty druggie cunt baby brother right now having the time of my life

fadenkreuze 🙂 52 days ago

get laid and get addicted to something right now.

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