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DOLL, she, 23


neet 🍏 1 day ago

its rotting orchids. its sour milk. its human scalps.

neet 📺 2 days ago

do you hate?

neet 🙃 4 days ago

mi marido podría divorciarse de mí

neet 🌱 4 days ago

had a walk and then took a shower. ive suffered more than jesus

neet 🫖 11 days ago

are there still angels?

neet 🤒 22 days ago


neet 📰 23 days ago

10 & 2 !

neet 🤒 24 days ago

neet is once again fighting for its life in the bathroom

neet 🌧️ 25 days ago

earlier i was shittin and pissin at the same time and when goin thru the motions of shittin i started pissing so violently it hurt my hole

neet ❤️ 25 days ago

take this pussy eat this as My body

neet 😶 25 days ago

sorry u had 2 see that

neet 🐶 25 days ago

sticking my dick in a good guy doll

neet 🫖 34 days ago

you think your body is broken? not even close!

neet 🌧️ 36 days ago

say a prayer for the youth of america.

neet 📺 37 days ago


neet 🎬 37 days ago

what do you curse?

neet 🐶 40 days ago

peanut butter cookies

neet 📺 42 days ago

I'm a girl lamp. ignore me

neet 🤒 43 days ago

I barely ate today. finished throwing up and immediately starting shitting my guts out. loving life rn!

neet 📚 43 days ago

Jesus saves!

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