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ephemerium 📚 161 days ago

Idk who has my copy of Stranger In A Strange Land but I need that mf back

ephemerium 😭 549 days ago

Tell me how I've gone thru 19 daifuku in two calendar days I ONLY HAVE 5 LEFT

ephemerium 💔 554 days ago

Conflict without resolution. Chicken nuggies without honey mustard dipping sauce

ephemerium ✏️ 558 days ago

Slambook updates are live!

ephemerium ✨ 558 days ago

I'll update tonight or tomorrow ok !!!

ephemerium ✏️ 563 days ago

Lost my notebook for a sec last night & was somehow more concerned about finding my BIC pen I stole from a Hooters than THE TITLE TO MY CAR

ephemerium 🧀 565 days ago

Craving a quesadilla rn

ephemerium 📚 566 days ago


ephemerium 😱 567 days ago

Going clubbing for the first time next week :D

ephemerium 💔 568 days ago

I just realized my boss "borrowed" my favorite pencil again D:

ephemerium 📖 570 days ago


ephemerium 📚 575 days ago

Once my new books get here yall will never hear from me again /j. But fr I'm so excited to have something to read

ephemerium 😴 578 days ago

Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be sufficiently explained by ignorance.

ephemerium 😶 578 days ago

In my feelings rn :(

ephemerium 🌙 582 days ago

We need to remember this is everyone's first and last time being alive and give eachother a little more grace and understanding.

ephemerium 🌈 583 days ago

I have three days off next week so I might get to work on pinning my specimens early!

ephemerium 😱 584 days ago

Everyone's on some fuck shit today. So much drama

ephemerium 💔 584 days ago

I guess I'm of an unusually fragile disposition today...

ephemerium 📚 584 days ago

I haven't read in weeks at this point so I'm shopping for new books rn

ephemerium ✏️ 585 days ago

I should make a page for my pin collection...

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