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ephemerium 📚 1 day ago

Once my new books get here yall will never hear from me again /j. But fr I'm so excited to have something to read

ephemerium 😴 4 days ago

Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be sufficiently explained by ignorance.

ephemerium 🌙 8 days ago

We need to remember this is everyone's first and last time being alive and give eachother a little more grace and understanding.

ephemerium 🌈 9 days ago

I have three days off next week so I might get to work on pinning my specimens early!

ephemerium 😱 10 days ago

Everyone's on some fuck shit today. So much drama

ephemerium 💔 10 days ago

I guess I'm of an unusually fragile disposition today...

ephemerium 📚 10 days ago

I haven't read in weeks at this point so I'm shopping for new books rn

ephemerium ✏️ 11 days ago

I should make a page for my pin collection...

ephemerium 🎁 12 days ago

Ten of my butterfly specimens + some of the bell jar display stuff came in today and I got loads of new stickers :D

ephemerium 😭 12 days ago

The ramen place was so loud

ephemerium 🙂 13 days ago

Been vacationing in Yodieland since 10am

ephemerium 🥱 13 days ago

I called out of work for an hour so I could sleep 😵‍💫 if they give me shit for it imma just walk out

ephemerium 😶 14 days ago

Feel like karma's gonna start catching up to me...

ephemerium 🙂 14 days ago

I'm smacked rn fucking up these sushi rolls like my life depends on it. Munchies + haven't eaten since ln is making me an unstoppable force

ephemerium 🥰 14 days ago

Made solid and tentative plans with some of my locals! We're getting sushi on Monday. And I might see RHPS live in January w/ an old friend!

ephemerium 🌙 32 days ago

Hung out with some friends tn :D