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they/he/she :) under construction i will find out how to make this page look nice later


emerald 🎶 14 hours ago

discovered maidcore

emerald ❤️ 2 days ago

im so grateful for my brother

emerald 🔥 4 days ago

super productive today! this sudden burst of motivation is nice

emerald ✏️ 6 days ago

writing letters !

emerald 🌙 8 days ago

trying to be a more positive person today after a sad day yesterday ..... love can still win

emerald 💤 9 days ago

back home from vacation ---

emerald 😭 16 days ago

dear professor who made a test and entire 7 page paper due on the same day during spring break: why.

emerald ⛵ 17 days ago

my hotel is soooo nice right next to the beach and pool

emerald ✈️ 19 days ago

spring break trip time! will go on the plane in a few hours

emerald 🙃 21 days ago

if the answer to the question 'ok what can i do about it' is 'nothing' then stop asking about it

emerald 😱 22 days ago

friend from highschool jumpscare

emerald 🤔 23 days ago

ok maybe i should get into 18th century french paintings. this is cool

emerald 🥗 25 days ago

made a nice salad today :)

emerald 🔥 26 days ago

aaaa need to finish this writing by today so i can sign up for this zine

emerald 😇 27 days ago

talking w my friend really helped clear my mind!

emerald 💤 29 days ago

i will be the number one pokemon sleep speedrunner

emerald 🍱 31 days ago

a trip to the grocery store can actually fix everything

emerald 🎶 34 days ago

my media class project is making a music video for a song of our choosing ... so many ideas !!

emerald 🎬 35 days ago

learning davinci resolve !!

emerald 🐶 36 days ago

taking a nap w my dog is one of life's best moments

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