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emerald 🎢 8 hours ago

having one song on loop for hours is actually the solution to everything

emerald 🍫 1 day ago

i should eat my splatoon gummies...

emerald πŸ˜‡ 3 days ago

still thinking about. miku

emerald 🌧️ 5 days ago

soo many assignments ;-;

emerald 🍣 7 days ago

side order

emerald πŸ₯³ 10 days ago

mikuexpo 2024 is coming NEAR ME AAAHHHH!!! i have to get tickets

emerald πŸ€” 11 days ago


emerald 😯 12 days ago

last couple of days have been so busy!! need to update everything and everyone

emerald πŸ™‚ 13 days ago

tmrw will be nice

emerald πŸ™‚ 14 days ago

dont....cry....i am just a fish

emerald 😑 15 days ago

back to back double shift at work argh

emerald πŸ€– 17 days ago

five dollar tama mix yahoo auction jp bid....

emerald πŸ˜‡ 19 days ago

brother is practicing guitar with anime songs.. if i interrupt he'll stop so ill enjoy from my room

emerald 😭 20 days ago

been a while since i’ve had a bad dream, so tired now

emerald πŸ₯± 20 days ago

wake me uppppp....... when september ends

emerald πŸ₯° 23 days ago

rewatching a show i haven’t seen in a few years! how nostalgic

emerald πŸ’€ 24 days ago

been a while since i took a nap maybe one when i get home??

emerald 🎢 26 days ago

listening to music isn’t enough i need to be inside the speaker

emerald ✨ 28 days ago

hmmm so much art to make

emerald ❀️ 31 days ago

wait nvm this university stuff is easy actually (*_*)b

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