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20 . any prns

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emerald 🤔 2 days ago

maybe i DO like podcasts!?

emerald 🎶 3 days ago

save me song on repeat for hours

emerald 💤 8 days ago

i should get back into things.

emerald 🎶 21 days ago

red velvet truly never misses

emerald 🤔 26 days ago

ah..... june is going by fast....

emerald 😶 32 days ago

i hate arguing with my insurance. can you just give me medical help.

emerald 🙂 42 days ago

laundry getting done life doing good

emerald 🥰 48 days ago

watching 5 hour video on media i dont like dissecting why its bad. truly on my hater arc

emerald ❤️ 54 days ago

dimension 20 fantasy high save me

emerald ✨ 59 days ago

I LOVE OCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emerald 🥳 60 days ago

finally got dropout they are so funny

emerald 😎 64 days ago

i thought work would be worse but we were actually chilling and i made money

emerald ❤️ 70 days ago

my arms and throat still hurt from miku expo BUT WORTH IT I LOVE MIKU!!!!!!

emerald 🙃 73 days ago

managers stop putting me back to back 10 hour shifts challenge (impossible)

emerald 🧐 74 days ago

smart people read a 75k fic before finishing their edits for the final and leave less than an hour to submit it

emerald 🎮 75 days ago

pokerouge save me

emerald ❤️ 77 days ago

todays been good and i think itll only get better

emerald 😎 78 days ago

fan on, speakers on, nice lighting, just finished three finals, ice cream ate.... its all coming together

emerald 🌈 78 days ago

my life is going to be soooo much easier after today

emerald ☀️ 79 days ago

got to go home early today wahoo

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