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emerald 😇 35 days ago

updated website AND won a x100 for team ghost!! dont ask how my hw is going.

emerald 🙃 35 days ago

meant to play splatoon today but didnt.... tmrw for sure

emerald 😎 38 days ago

turns out going to bed early does help hey hey

emerald 😱 40 days ago

forgot my charger at home today. laptop at 16% i feel like fnaf flashlight conservation .

emerald 🌱 42 days ago

hes officially gone,, ill miss my brother in the house but hes still in the area ill see him soon

emerald 🤔 43 days ago

didnt do the things i wanted to today but i still got stuff done so... progress?

emerald 🎤 45 days ago

koi ga bibibi de chuchuchu ga tomannai

emerald 🎨 45 days ago

finallyyyy finished my custom art header for neocities phew now i can do other art without feeling the pressure of that

emerald 💾 47 days ago

updated website instead of doing hw :P

emerald ❤️ 49 days ago

having so much fun adding links to my stamps on my site <3 idc if no one clicks theyre my silly easter eggs

emerald 🙃 50 days ago

hm day not going good. i should lie in the dirt or something

emerald 🌈 51 days ago

one of my high school friends transitioned !! yay good for her

emerald 😱 52 days ago

I FORGOT TO SUBMIT MY ASSIGNMENT ohhhh its 15 mins late but i finished it yesterday i really hope my professor accepts it :(

emerald 🤖 53 days ago

having some trouble coding my shrine, but i’ll get through

emerald 🥳 54 days ago

happy birthday naruto

emerald ❄️ 55 days ago

whyyy is it so cold

emerald 💡 55 days ago

took a nap earlier and now i dont feel sleepy at all !!!!!!

emerald ❤️ 57 days ago

my anilist layout is finally updated! flcl themed

emerald 😯 58 days ago

its about to be a busy weekend so i need to finish all my work up now

emerald 🎮 61 days ago

played wacca today!!!!!!!! and i have a place to train up pop'n music

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